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Dearest Elchay friends,

I was just wondering how people get stretch marks. I mean, I know the whole fat and becoming thin thing…I know you get stretch marks that way. I have like this one little line on the side of me which is totally a stretch mark, but being white as I am, its not really visible. You can also get it by getting totally pumped then slimming down a little. My younger brother has a few lines on his chest because he likes to lift heavy weights so he can get big boobies or something. Okay, this is it…I’m wondering, is it possible to get stretch marks from stretching? Seriously. I wanna know. Also, what other things can cause stretch marks?


See, I really had no intentions of staying at the Mtv Style Awards afterparty. What I really wanted to do was collect my collectibles from Bellissima, then head to Nuvo to say bye bye to my friend at his despedida, then go home and rest. I attended Body Jam tuitions earlier, which was 3 hours of learning the new Body Jam tracks with polishing, then went to Medical City to visit my mom, back to the gym to meet with Rocky and Poma to do some weights. Ran into priapus who was like lifting weights and being all manly and all. Hahaha.

So, after the gym, I went home, put on a cap and headed to Bellissima. I got there at 11pm which was a safe time knowing that Mtv events start and end late all the time. I was in a gray Adidas tee, jeans black Goodlife Fitness Club cap, and, as usual, Converse sneakers. I figured no one would really be there, so I can get my cheddar and go, I didn’t really have to dress up. I hate dressing up. Unfortunately for me, the owner said that he’d pay me with his sales when the night is over. I had to stay. I got drunk. I danced with the Mtv people (I freelanced events for Mtv for awhile). Hung out with Jay-R and Geneva Cruz. Yuck. Hahaha. That’s so Jologs of me. Bonded with Wendell the DJ because he is also from Toronto and we were talking about the music that we love and grew up with. The despedida left Nuvo and came to me. Hahaha. I made them come to me. I am so bad. Anyway, I finally left Bellissima at 4am. Met glamazon at the Mtv Style Awards afterparty.

So, although I was totally tired, I had a blast at Bellissima. One of my best friends had her birthday party there and so I was arranging things for her from like 7pm. She told me she’d get there at 9pm but as usual, that meant 10pm. So, I had dinner and drinks all by myself for about 2 hours.

Jason and Bam heard my high pitched squeal that I don’t normally do because my cords are always tired from shouting at Body Jam or talking for hours on the phone. Teehee. If I get a week of vocal rest, I’ll do the Emotions high pitch sequence of Mariah. Ahahaha.

I’ll be on my way to Pampanga now for Mother Fhe’s baby’s christening!

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Like Whoa…

I know that Chip and Kim won because I read it over the internet but watching it still gave me goosebumps, like totally. I love it. I still get goosebumps watching Bring It On, and I’ve only seen it like 20 or so times.

So, I was at the gym earlier and I did Body Jam with Charles and I did my weights with Rocky. Having someone push you to do weights is totally awesome. Its less stressful. I used to motivate myself and, now, someone can handle that part of it. And its easy to motivate other people. Self-motivation is so much more difficult, I think.

For once, I actually did a whole bunch of abdominal exercises. I am totally lazy when it comes to abs too. I always forget. Now, I have Charles to do cardio with and Rocky to do weights with. Awesome!

I suck…

I haven’t been able to keep count of the cigarettes and alcohol for the past few days. Every single night since Friday, I’ve been out of the house. Grrr Argh.

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Ay Ay Ay Pod…

So, I left my ipod to rest for the weekend and will be working on the goddamn thing today. Last Friday, it took me an hour and a half to get one song in. My first song was “Through the Rain” by Mariah Carey. Hahaha. That is so fitting because #1, I am Mariah, #2 its quite a challenge for me to stick anything onto a computer and get it to work. And in 2 hours, I got the whole Charmbracelet album in.

Now, I have a new problem. It seems when I upload songs from cd onto the computer it gets kinda wack and has little skips here and there. Of course, when I transfer the songs into the ipod, they have the skips too. So, now, ‘m trying to figure out why. Grr. I swear. Can’t I just plug the ipod into my cd cabinet. Hahaha.

I’m wondering if some cds are not computer friendly and if they put in some music copying blocker or something. They do that with video, yeah? I don’t have pirated cds…So, don’t tell me it skips ’cause its pirated.


Okay, now that its in front of me, yes, I bought one…it has like usb and crap like that that I totally do not understand. Gad!


Cigarettes: 7 sticks


So, I just got off of the phone with HIM. I think he’s sweet. *grins*