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Mico! you’re such a whore!

Modified M*A*S*H*
LJ Username
Your Loverboy/Lovergirl
City you will live in
Place you will live in
You will drive a
Swirly you drew for me
# of kids 26
Money you’ll make $146,959,306,897,192.59
But your S.O. sleeps with priapus
Will you get back together? (8)Signs point to yes. – (8)
Percent happily ever after – 97%

This fun quiz by p2wu – Taken 23 Times.

Happily ever after with Benjamin Mackenzie. Sigh.
Lookee! My swirly is an actual swirly!

Protected: Home Alone…

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I’ve been getting home really late and spending a little too mich time on the telephone. I haven’t had a proper entry in days. I dunno if I’m going to be able to update in the next few days with all these parties coming up. Grr.

Welcome back ditzy evil twin sister formerly known as just_joma/iqbelowsealevel and now ragnarokette. Hehehe!

Lola’s Day…

Normally, we start off at the gym. Lola Poma, Roxy and I. Yesterday, Roxy had a Tagaytay engagement with his mom, so it was just Lola Poma and I. I went to support the launch of the new Les Mills releases in Fitness First Greenhills. I thought I should ’cause I’ve only been to one launch this time around. Just the ABSCBN. Also, I had to check out my free Nike shoes courtesy of Fitness First and, well, Nike.

After the launch, we did our own little gym work ut thingies. Lola Poma went and did whatever, I did half of Body Pump. I’m planning to add in Body Pump, once a week to my program. I’ll try…knowing me and my schedule, I’ll probably have no time to stick it in between the cardio and the weights.

We then proceeded, with the other group exercise instructors of Fitness First, to JT Manukan. I had beer and chicken breast and atchara. I love it! I wanna go back and try like the prok barbecue. ‘Cause we normally get pork barbecue at Country Side on Katipunan under the huge ass Wency Lagumbay poster. Jt Manukan was fun. Our table was on the actual street because they had to prepare a a really long table for all of the instructors that came along. It was a lot of fun!

Later on at Bellissima, Roxy joined us. We had our drinks and headed to Government where we danced, danced, danced…

Sick and Beautiful…

I’m stuck at home ’cause that awful fever I had yesterday is being followed up by an awful cold. My nose is all swollen and full of green nastyness! I can’t breathe. Also, I make the loudest honk when blowing my nose. I can’t do that in public ’cause I sound like a foghorn. Grr. Argh. I can’t think staright.

However, I did learn to use the chat on because I’ve been stuck at home so long. I saw Lola Poma doing that Connexion shit, so I thought it’d be like totally to try it out.

Protected: Being Blonde?? Blond??

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When I got home this morning I was burning up. I had like a fever or something. I was feeling cold, which means that I’m hot and not in my usual hotness way. It was awful, I thought I was going to die. I’m not sure why I suddenly felt that way, but I’m blaming Extra Joss. My friend gave me a packet of Extra Joss and I decided to try putting it in my drink like all these people do. So, I had a double vodka on the rocks and I added the Joss. It wasn’t bad at all. It was actually pretty good.

So, I dunno if it was the Joss or not, but I need to blame something. Wither that or I was just having really bad hot flashes. Like I have a monthly or something.

Welcome Another Elchayer…

Lola Poma
I shaved his head… I did! I did it in the Fitness First locker room in the Fort. Teehee.

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Welcome to Elchay…

Rock Robinson Robins
Also known as our good ole cebuano friend, Rocky.