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New User Pictures!

For the duration of American Idol 4, I gotta show some support for Mario Vazquez. I snagged a few icons from chureezee ’cause I am computer challenged and can’t make my own. Awesome! I love ’em!

Thank you chureezee. So happy-making!

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Fanmail # 4 (Mario Vazquez)

My first fan letter ever was for Oprah. I was at an internet café with a friend who was chatting on Mirc and I had nothing better to do. I decided to surf the web. I ended up on Oprah’s website and I just had to write her a letter. While doing this another friend of mine arrived and started laughing that she almost fell off her chair. She just found it really crazy, very “me”.

After that, my next letter was to Mariah. How could I not send her a letter?! I love her. You hear that? I love Mariah. I do. Plug: Mariah’s new album THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI will be in stores on APRIL 12, 2005! That’s in the US though. I dunno about the Philippines.

Recently, I sent some inspirational quotes that I liked through Nate Berkus’ website. I’m not really a fan of his, but he’s been on Oprah enough and looked like a nice guy. I felt bad about him losing his partner in the tsunami thing.

Currently, I’m writing my 4th fan letter ever. Right now, I’m putting together a letter for Mario Vazquez. I’m sending it through a fan site. A group of Mario fans is putting together a scrapbook for Mario and they’ll be sending it to him on March 13th. I’m such a nut. Mario Mario Mario… cheez!

American Idol 4

So, I’m not very happy with the results of today’s elimination. I had two other girls in mind that should have been removed. I had to fight back the tears when both girls found out they were eliminated. I called Lola Poma and we agreed that America sucks.

On the other hand, I do love watching my new boyfriend, Mario Vazquez. He’s so much fun and looks really gay. Hahaha. He graduated from my crush to my boyfriend when he started dancing and looking all gay. I love him. I also think Anwar Robinson is awesome. That was one wicked rendition of Moon River. I’d say Mario and Anwar are my favourites.

With the girls, I like Carrie Underwood, Vonzell Solomon and Aloha Mischeaux. But the guys still kick their asses.

Interiors by Moi??

So, there’s this really ugly bar. Seriously ugly. Even the owners can’t stand it. They don’t even wanna open it. They were swindled by their contractor. Major swindle. I was checking the place out with Mabs earlier and were giving them little ideas here and there. Now, they want to hire us to do the interiors over. Uhm, so, I’m thinking this is work, right? I can do this.

So, now, I’m also an interior decorator. Well, my first job will be this bar owned by 2 women that have Japanese husbands, so I think they shouldn’t be too difficult to impress. My bad. I don’t think I wanna do any other job after that. Other than my store with Lola Poma, of course. But our store will be our based on our personalities. So, its kinda easier. It’ll already have tulips, hearts, polka dots and stripes for sure. Heehee.

OMG! I don’t even know how much an interior decorator charges. I need to go call interior friends. They’ll probably think I’m being crazy for entering something like this. Well, they’re used to me jumping into things I know nothing about anyway. There was first, the events, then the columnist thing, then that magazine editor gig, the body care products, then did the catering thing, soon to have clothes and … Now, I’m doing interiors?! What the f*ck is wrong with me?!

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Quick Update…

I have to teach a track in the Les Mills launch in Ortigas Fitness First. I haven’t studied any of the tracks. I have to teach it in my class this Friday.

I wanna give up my Ortigas class up because I’m colour coded on Fridays. I leave the house early. I get to Ortigas at 230pm. By the time my class ends and I’ve taken a shower, my parking is 90 pesos. That’s crazy.

BAKLISSIMA is now on Wednesdays. So, if y’all can come and support me and Mabs, please do. I’d really appreciate it. We had a ameting with Bellissima and the owner didn’t show up. The owner of Bellissima isn’t very professional and she wants things that are crazy. I was ready to tear her apart. I think she kinda felt that and that’s why she didn’t show up. Still, we’re doing Wednesdays there because the staff wants us on the roster of events. Love the staff. So DJ PATCH every WEDNESDAY in BELLISSIMA.

Poma and I are working on the plans for our clothing shop now. Slowly getting direction. Thank God.


1) I have to think of a name for the Wednesday nights at Bellissima… Any suggestions?

2) Mabs and I have to go and search for a nice, not so crowded place to turn gay on a Friday and Saturday… Any suggestions?

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Goddamn Body Jam!

Mother Fhe called me up and asked me to teach tomorrow at 515pm Alabang. I can’t say “no” to Mother. She’s a mutha! Oh dear. Alabang is so far from me and I’ll be spending more than I’ll be getting fo sho! I suck.

So, later I’ll be teaching in ABSCBN. I’ll be a reliever for
Charles‘ class while he’s in Body Combat training.

On Friday, I have a class at 730pm in Ortigas. This is every Friday, its my class. I seriously didn’t want one yet. But as usual, Mother Fhe requested that I be given one already. So, I have to teach it. No problem really, its just parking in Ortigas sucks, and I’ll be expecting Friday traffic. Ugh!