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More Lipsynching…

My new lj friend ageage posted about the Mischievious Boys. These “Michievious Boys” are group of guys that make their own music videos to songs of other artists. They’re kinda like the two cutey Chinese boys but they look a lot older and gayer. Unfortunately, they’re also kinda boring compared to the cutey Chinese boys. I only hope that they meant to spell “mischievious” the way they did. *cough*

So, I watched all their videos that I found online because I have no life. Well, also because I think Edward (Filipino) and Tommy (Vietnamese) are cute. Check them out in their video for “HUNG UP”.

Conclusion: Edward is cute, but he’s kinda awkward and boring to watch. So, we’ll stick to finding Tommy, yummy. Tommy looks real good doing the lipsych thing. And since I think Tommy is just so hot, I searched and found a video that’s just him. Lol.

And I found one… Check it out!!!

Hi Tommy! You’re cute! Lol.

Lookie Lookie..

It’s a gift from Darra. I thought I’d post it because I dunno what to do with it. It makes me happy. And it’s there. Lol. Maybe it’ll be a reminder for me to be more dirrty. God knows I need to be a little more dirrty. Oh! It can also remind me that I am beautiful, a fighter, and that I should listen to the voice within shouting “Can’t hold us down.”, unless of course you rub me the right way and give me what I want then I’d totally ask you to come on over.

Thank you Darra. I love you.

The Two Chinese Boys

Do y’all know the two chinese boys, a.k.a. the back dormitory boys, that did those lipsyched videos to the Backstreet Boys‘ songs? If you don’t, you’re totally missing out ’cause they’re just too cute.

Check them out HERE. It’s totally worth checking out.


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Sleeping Over…

So, I’m about to head out to Darra‘s. I’m sleeping over tonight. We’ll see you guys at the Goverment birthday thing tonight.

Darra asked me to tell y’all that she has no decent computer at home and a retarded internet access. But she’ll be here in my house tomorrow, so she’ll have a chance to write something again.

Good night! Sweet dreams! Peace out!




Probably My Last DotA Post Ever…

I haven’t posted about DotA in awhile ’cause I think it’s really kinda lame. I’m not saying the game is lame. I’m saying, “I’m lame.” I mean, I already have an online journal and a cgi crush. Adding DotA to all of that just makes me an über dork. And if I’m an über dork, the cool kids might not talk to me anymore. My life will be so over if the cool kids stop talking to me.

Another reason why I haven’t posted about DotA is because of this one entry where some guy ’caused a bit of trouble after reading my post. The guy told the 129 Square Katipunan tournament champions that I said we kicked their arse. I didn’t say this, of course, because our matches were never concluded due a bad lan connection. Anyway, the 129 Square tourney champions got upset and they paid Joma‘s brother a visit. Joma’s brother was responsible for setting up our interrupted games with the champs. That was the end of my DotA posts until now. I didn’t want to be part of any problem. It was also the end of taking on any challenges from straight boys. I just wanna have fun and play.

Anyway, I just have to say that I’m proud of the straight half of our little Sunday DotA group. Apparently, they’ve been really busy kicking some gaming ass. The straight boys of the original Sunday DotA group are a little more competitive than us gay computer gamers. Lol. They’ve been going around and winning wagers, “getting their money on”. I’m really proud of them. They even played those 129 Square tourney champs and won. I think some folks over at 129 Square were surprised ’cause they came outta nowhere. They were even nicknamed “Team Pugna” ’cause Pugna is a character from the game that isn’t usually used by competition players but used very well by a friend. Now, they’re accepting challenges from so many teams from around Manila and Cebu. I’m so happy for them and kind of proud too ’cause we started them on this game. We were the little group of players who were not from Katipunan*.

*Katipunan is the DotA headquarters. They were playing competitive DotA there before anywhere else in the Metro.

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Racing to Get Out

My mother is racist. I can’t blame her though ’cause whenever more Black and Indian people moved into our neighbourhoods, the crime rate would shoot up. People got beaten up and mugged at schools and in the parks, houses got broken into and there were more kids looking like deviants hanging on the street corners during the summers. I remember our summers were one big neighbourhood supersoaker and water balloon fight. That was fun. It ended a year later.

There was one incident that convinced me that my mom deciding to move us was the right thing to do. As much as I didn’t want to leave my friend for the 5th or 6th time, I knew it wasn’t a safe neighbourhood anymore. There was this one afternoon when some bullies on a street corner stole my fries, submarine sandwich and my frosty that I had just bought at the cornerstore. OMG! Just thinking about it makes me all sad. I was on allowance. I don’t buy food during the weekdays so I could buy my fries with the gravy, pepper, catsup and vinegar on the weekends. Food is important to me.

I knew mom was right. It was time to get out.