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Quick Updates

1. I walked around for about 6 hours the other day. I went downtown to meet up with Kuya Rob, an old friend. He suggested we take the bus to Stanley Park to hang. I told him that I’d rather walk it. Now, I know that Stanley Park isn’t that short of a walk from the city, but I figured that I needed the extra calories I’ve been storing burned off. Anyway, I just have to say that Vancouver is so pretty. My 10km ++ walk made me realise that I had made the right decision in picking Vancouver to live in. Sure it rains for three seasons, but it’s just way too beautiful here. I love that the city, mountains, forests and beaches are just a few minutes walk away from each other. Seriously though, for me, this is way better than walking around San Francisco and New York. It’s just so much prettier. I couldn’t go 6 hours walking if I wasn’t happy with what I was seeing.

2. Smoking marijuana is practically legal in Vancouver. Everywhere I go, I smell marijuana. People here smoke marijuana in public. My first encouter was with our neighbour. I was on the balcony and I could smell pot. I told Auntie and she said that it’s normal here for people to smoke pot. Then, I watched a Doobie Brothers concert at River Rock and there was someone smoking in the venue. Walking around the city, I’ve seen people smoking their blunts, spliffs and chronic out in the open. Even the steps beside city hall is a skater hang out and when you walk by, you get a whiff of doobie. Apparently, it’s not legal yet, but the cops will ignore you unless you’re pushing it. Smoking pot is okay but selling pot is not.

3. I’ve totally cut down on cigarettes. One of the reasons being that it’s way too cold right now. I’m totally too lazy to put on a jacker and all that just to step out to smoke. And the main reason is because CAD$9.90 for a pack of cigarettes just hurts.

4. I’m still doing the job search thing. I’ve handed in some resumes but I’m not really going to update about it now because I don’t want to jinx it. Just keeping my fingers crossed.

5. I’m getting home sick. It’s not a really bad case but I get sad. I miss my family and I totally miss you guys. I miss Grass, Roxy, Lola Poma, TJ, Joma, Aileen, Prinz, JJ, Ate Tata, Wil, Gino, Kuya James, Pinky, Jay Lo, Ate Jec, Moki, Kuya Quin… Wait, I’m getting tired. Basta, you know I miss you. All o’you. Well, technically not all of you because I haven’t met some o’you. Darra, I want pecan pie. I don’t think they have Just Desserts here in Vancouver. I’ve been eating ice cream for comfort. Boo. I want pecan pie.

6. I’ll be doing my laundry now, so I’ll be back later. lol.

I was writing an elchay entry when I got a text message from a friend telling me that fashion designer, Mel Vergel de Dios, was brutally murdered by an unknown assailant. I think my heart stopped and I couldn’t breathe for about 10 seconds. Mel was a friend. I asked my friend what he knows and he told me that Mel was found inside his car with his head in a plastic bag, his hands were tied with chicken wire, and he was shot at the back of the head. His cellphone is missing but his wallet was still with him. I started to tear when I heard this. Mel was such a nice person. He was just so sweet. We haven’t known each other that long and I was looking forward to getting to know him better. It’s weird because we were supposed to have coffee and chitchat before I left the Philippines. We never pushed through because our schedules didn’t work out. I told him that I really wanted hang out to tell our stories, and that we would have our time for coffee. I told him I’ll be back in the Philippines or he’ll visit Candada. It’s weird ’cause that’s not going to happen now. It’s just so sad. I dunno how to say goodbye when I’ve barely said hello. Maybe he’ll visit my dreams and we can have coffee there? That would be nice. I’d be able to say my hello and goodbye properly.

Please pray for the soul of Mel Vergel de Dios. I hope they find the guy who did it. I hope they lock him up until he’s 80 years old or torture him with dental tools, or both.

I need your help…

I’m finally in Vancouver. Actually, I’m in some suburb ten minutes away from Vancouver staying with my aunt and uncle while I don’t have a job and place yet. I got here just five days ago and since I arrived I’ve been doing the settling thing. I opened a bank account, got a cellphone, then a computer. It wasn’t easy to get a phone. I had to make a $50 deposit just because I have no credit history. Credit history is so important here. I wish I could just bring over my credit from Manila. That would make things easier. I might have to get a secured credit kinda credit card just so I can start some kind of credit history. Well, the phone is a start.

Yesterday, I checked for jobs online and found a couple of interesting openings which I’m not sure I can apply for. They’re for an associate manager position at either Banana Republic or the GAP store, downtown. I’m sure I have the qualifications for the job, it’s just that those qualifications come from the Philippines which makes it void. Everyone who knows me knows that I totally want to experience working in retail. I seriously wouldn’t mind an entry level position like a greeter or sales associate. I’m afraid though that, with my resume, they might think I’m overqualified for a entry level job. I’ve edited my resume a little already. I edited being a shop owner to being a sales and training manager for my shop. I was wondering if I should take it down a notch and make myself a sales associate. Maybe I have to totally lie and say I was a sales person for my shop and a waiter for my coffee shop. I need some serious resume help. I need your suggestions.

Other than my resume problem, I’m doing fine. I’ve walked around the city a few times. It’s a very small and pretty city. I actually have to get ready now ’cause I’m meeting up with a friend from Manila that I ran into on the Skytrain on my first evening here. It’s that small. Hahaha.

Please please please help me… should I take it down a notch and make myself a salesperson and waiter on my resume?

If It’s Worth Your While…

Mariah Carey’s Say Something video premiere on TRL.


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Grocery shelf relief…

In this little town where Charles lives, you’ll find a little town square where all the townies gather and shop. In this tiny town square is a tiny grocery store called Safeway. Actually, it’s some nationwide chain kinda grocery store with branches is Canada, but I like to think of it as the local grocer ’cause it’s in a small town. I mean, the town is so small that there are only two Starbucks, and these two Starbucks are across the street from each other ’cause there’s no space left in the town square.

Anyway, I accompanied Charles to the grocery ’cause he had to buy some onions, lemons and suka to make bistek tagalog. I went around the grocery and found some pills on the shelf. I wish they had them in the Philippines because they would have so made my life easier. I am a lactose intolerant insomniac. I cannot have warm milk to put me to sleep ’cause it’ll send me to the potty for a few hours. And it’s not that easy getting prescriptions for valiums, stilnox, dormicums, etc. You have to find a doctor who is willing to prescribe ’em for you. And the doctor musthave an S2 license to prescribe them too. So, I love love love that you can get these at the grocery store. This is definitely something to celebrate.

Can’t Hold Me Down

I’m breaking out. My skin is getting all ugly. I’m not really sure what’s causing all of this ugliness. I think it might be because of the cold, or the water, or the lack of pollution, or the dryness of the air. Right now, I’m leaning towards the dryness. I didn’t moisturise before sleeping last night and I woke up with flaky, dry skin. It was just so wrong. It’s like I had some chemical peeling done and just it started taking effect today. It was an overnight molting. I totally had to exfoliate and moisturise right away. It’s not time for my scheduled exfoliating yet, but I just had to do it. I couldn’t stand all that skin flaking off! My skin is dying, but I refuse to go down like that. Today, I begin my battle against ugly and I will win.

iPod and iPod Accessories

In a vending machine!

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