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Shortbread Cookies

Since I’ve been drinking so much tea lately to keep myself warm, I had a shortbread cookie craving. I felt like it would be something nice to have with my hot tea. I tried it out and my relatives ended up finishing it. Hahaha. I did manage to snatch a few for myself. 4 pieces for 2 cups o’tea. ^^

The red things are maraschino cherries. They look kinda yucky in the picture.

I need to work on my picture taking skills. hahahaha.

Bake it off…

As much as I love Mariah, it sometimes isn’t so easy to “shake it off”. Maybe grabbing all of my diamonds and clothes and packing them into my Louis Vuitton, like the song says, would help but I’d have to make a few more bucks for that to be applicable to me. When dealing with my new found depression, I’ve learned from my best friend, that it helps, instead, to bake it off…

At least twice a week, on my days off, I go into the kitchen and throw my misery into making sweet treats for everyone. Today, is Darra’s secret chocolate chip cookies. This has become a favourite among friends and relatives here in BC. I have to make a batch every other week just because people ask for ’em.

Midway through the cookie making process…

Finished product

When life hands you a Lululemon…

You’re screwed! I am sick. A green mutant snot monster has taken residence in my skull and has decided it would be fun to shit mucus through my nose. Tonight, I will introduce him to Itchy the Gay Dwarf who lives in my throat and they will make dirty homo sex which will cause me to spew queer phlegm. Homo sex is the devil and the devil makes me spew. You know what else makes me spew? The management at Lululemon and vaginas make me spew.

Being all delirious this morning, from eating vagina, I thought it’d be best to call in sick while it’s early because I’m a professional like that. I spoke to the cunt they sometimes call a manager and she, the cunt, told me that I wasn’t working today. I was so out of my mind from the taste of yo momma’s snaj, like lollipops and gumdrops yo momma is sweet, that I had forgotten it was my day off. Hooray for me. Blowjobs for everyone!! Then, the cunt kills my awesome boner and tells me that calling in sick is not permitted at Lululemon and, should I still be ill, I can’t call in sick tomorrow. WTF?! You can’t call in sick?! What kind of fucked up bizzaro syphilis induced rule making shit is that?! Bitch needs a good aznpoptart douching is what I think. Bitch better be thankful that I didn’t have the strength to bring the smack down on her tight white ass and went back to sleep instead. Fuck!

Why life sucks a little more today than yesterday…

I wrote Goodlife Fitness in hopes of ordering the Body Jam cds from them and still be up to date with the current releases. This was the response I received. It’s totally valid. I just think it sucks to be me right now…


Your email was forwarded to my department. As the exclusive Canadian Agent for Les Mills in Canada we supply music to all the LMI certified instructors in Canada. Unfortunately since you do not currently teach at a GoodLife Club I cannot authorize the sale of music to you at this time as I cannot verify to Les Mills you will not be teaching at a non-licensed facility.

The Adventures of Mimi

I didn’t bring my camera with me for the concert. Cameras were not allowed and, of course, I will totally respect that because it’s a Mariah Carey concert and I love her. Here are some photos I snatched from Mariah Daily. Kinda odd though that 90% of the pictures were with the opening outfit…

It’s Like That

Sour Lululemon

I guess there are bitches in every workplace. I was hoping it’d be different in Lululemon but, alas, this is not the case. I was so pissed off yesterday because these 2 siblings I have to work with ganged up on me. One of the things they teach us during training is that we should be open to give and receive feedback from our co-workers. I certainly appreciate all the feedback I get from the staff about my performance on the floor. I thought giving a little feedback would be appreciated as well. Apparently, I was wrong.

I work with these two siblings, Susie and Jeanette. Susie was hired the same time I was, while Jeanette has been with the store longer. While Susie and I were working the pantwall yesterday, Susie went to “educate” a customer. Susie is wonderful at “educating”. She is smart, or at least I thought she was, and outgoing. She had a little slip up while explaining to a guest about what pant to use for pilates. As she was telling the guest about pilates, she mentioned that pilates is “high impact”. This is, of course, wrong. High impact exercise can be defined as any activity where both feet leave the ground at the same time. This is not pilates. After she finished with the customer, and returned to put away pants with me, I thought it best to mention that she should be careful because pilates is not “high impact”. She tried to argue with me about this and I tried to be nice and suggested that maybe she meant “high intensity”. Her sister comes along, hears our conversation and butts in. They both started arguing with me that pilates is high impact. Then when they couldn’t win this arguement, they shifted to “it doesn’t matter because the customer wouldn’t know the difference”. I argued that we shouldn’t give our guests the wrong information. They went back to it didn’t matter because Susie was doing a good job educating. I finally tried to end it with Susie does a great job and I just wanted to make sure the proper information is being given to the guests. They brushed me off.

I had so much more to say but I couldn’t just blurt it out. I’m the newbie here. I can’t bitch someone out in my first week. It took a couple of months before I confronted co-workers in Banana Republic. This wouldn’t have happened in the Philippines. I would’ve just said what’s on my mind and that’d be the end of that. I miss Manila.

Little by little the politics of working for Lululemon will slowly creep out and I’ll learn how to work it. I wish people could just be happy.

Back to Busy…

I’m back being a retail whore. I’m working for Lululemon. They definitely treat people a whole lot better than Banana Republic. Unfortunately, I’m kinda busy now with work, dance classes, attempts at baking and doing my regular chores. Since, I left Banana Republic, I’ve delayed my ironing ’cause I don’t really need that much wovens. I did them today though and it took 4 and a 1/2 hours. That’s mental!? Ironing sucks. Thank goodness I don’t have to iron the clothes I wear to Lululemon.