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Lenguas de Gato

It’s a whole new experience using a piping bag.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I didn’t post much in December ’cause that’s like retail hell month. But I did get some baking in for therapy.

Santa Bread with chocolate eyeballs. Mmmm… eyeballs…

Meet Eoin

Ragnarok’s been boring lately so here I am with another charater in another mmorpg. I am such a dork. Anyway, this is Eoin, my Blood Elf shadow priest. He’s hot. Blood Elves are so gay.

I thought of TJ because he’d for sure create a paladin and Joma would be a rogue ’cause they can cloak.

I know y’all can’t relate to this ’cause it’s so dorky, but I think Eoin is just so pretty that I had to post about it. hehehe.

Snatched from legally_bald

I haven’t been updating but I wanna try this anyway. hahaha.

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I’m the Princess!!

Back in Fitness First, they use call me “princess”. In Banana Republic, Robson Street and Metrotown, they call me “princess” as well. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing ’cause I know they mean that I’m prissy and spoiled, but I just love being called “princess”. HAHAHAHAHA.

Protected: Layering…

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There’s a lady bug on my screen…

Does this mean it’s not snowing anymore?