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I’ve been so lazy the past few weeks that I’ve been here in Manila. It’s either I’m home doing nothing or I’m out having dinner, maybe coffee with friends. I’m still fat. Darra and I have about given up on the unbleached paper (Thank you for the suggestions) because we couldn’t find anything that looked edible and non-toxic. I’m getting poorer with no income at the moment and a little too much spending. I think it’s time to do something. I think I’ve had a long enough break. It’s time to get back to business.

I’m Curious…

What does unbleached paper taste like? Where can I get unbleached paper in Manila? I wanna try.


Thanks to homaygess, I’ve had a Flickr account for a few years now. I check it out every so often, but I’ve never actually tried to use it. Starting this week, I will try my best to figure it out.

Good luck to me!

Please Support Ang Ladlad

It seems that Mr. Danton Remoto and ang_ladlad need a bit of help. Mr. Danton Remoto and Ang Ladlad were denied Comelec accreditation to be a part of the upcoming elections. Why? I guess it’s because he’s gay. You know who’s running though? Richard Gomez?! Apparently, you don’t need to have an education to run for government. All you need is a fans club. Isn’t it sad that Richard Gomez, a local actor, was given thumbs up to participate in the elections, while Mr. Danton Remoto, a well-educated man, was denied because Comelec thinks that the LGBT community are all in the closet and will not show any support for a gay candidate. And how in the world did they come up with that? Are they talking from experience? Maybe they’re in the closet?

I’m not going to get upset. It will cause wrinkles. You guys just check out the ang_ladlad livejournal community. There are articles there that’ll tell the story better than I, because I get all frazzled and then I’d get upset and then I’d stop and delete everything. Or I might start cussing, which is something I do not do. Okay, stopping now.

Oh! A butterfly! Isn’t it pretty?

Protected: Happy Birthday Me!!

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Thank you.

I know I ruined your surprise plans but I was really surprised when you all showed. I thought it was just going to be my yearly, “I don’t wanna be at home when this happens time of year”. Thank you all so much. I love you.

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