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6 Degrees of Gossip Girl

A good friend of mine is here on a short visit from Chicago. She gave me a cute stuffed cow toy that is now beside my stuffed bunny doll at the foot of my electric fan. That’s not important though. Heehee. Anyway, we were doing the whole “catch up with each other’s lives” thing that friends do when they haven’t seen each other in years, and when we got to talking about her cousin from New York, she mentioned that he had gotten married. At her home, I was browsing through some family photos and I came across the album of her cousin’s wedding. I saw a face that looked familiar in the photos and made a “Jewish guys are hot! (but not that one.)” comment. She then told me that he was some kind of producer and that’s when the name Josh Schwartz came rushing to my brain. Josh Schwartz was part of her cousin’s wedding entourage. Josh Schwartz and Elle’s cousin have been buddies since grade school. I wanted to cry and die and scream. I also started feeling this pain. I was suffering knowing that I had a connection to Gossip Girl but felt that it was just out of my reach. It’s exciting and depressing at the same time. I should go to sleep now.

What’s Happening?

You know you’re a tv addict when you have nothing to write about when all the season enders have been aired. Grrr. Where is my Gossip Girl?!!?! I feel like my life is on pause for the summer season.