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A Waste of TIME?

DJ’s Booth @ TIME in Makati

I wanted to check out TIME, a new club on Makati Avenue where Orange, Olive and Government used to be.  I might have set my expectations a little too high since the more recent clubs in Metro Manila have been elevating their presentation.  I mean, Republiq could be a nice club in the States.  In fact, Republiq kinda looks like Jet in Vegas.  Other venues like Members Only and Opus look very decent.

TIME was a rather disappointing new club as far as the aesthetics were concerned.  The walls were covered in padded black pleather, the cocktail tables were an eyesore and the seats weren’t at all very chic.  There was even some orange fabric that was carelessly roped around the railings on the second floor that was set to drape like a cheap buffet table set-up.

Something that I did like about the place was there was a roofdeck where you can smoke.  It was nothing special to look at.  It had plants in concrete pots, a few tables and seats and a water fixture at the far end.  What was great about the roofdeck was that it had it’s own DJ and bar.

There was also something a little off about the bars in TIME.  When I tried to order Super Dry at the bar inside, they said that they don’t have stock and that they don’t carry Super Dry.  The bar at the roofdeck had no problem filling the same order.  I just thought that was a little odd.

Dress code at TIME is a little lax, which is something I like.  I just wish I didn’t wear pants to the club because there were guys and gals in shorts.  I love shorts.  I really do.  This country is way too warm to wear pants all the time.  I guess that is one advantage of a not so bling’d up looking club.  Wearing shorts is not an issue.

Ladies beware!  There are ramps before the entrance and also right after entering the club.  The ramp outside is laid out bricks and my friends had a difficult time dealing with that in high heels.  The steps on the staircases are also pretty steep.

To their defense, they are on a “dry run” and nothing is set in stone.  I’d probably give it another go when they’re officially open and fully operational.

DigRadio, The Future of OPM?

Hanging at the Headquarters

Since I don’t really drive to Makati very often, my sister and I ended up spending a whole day in the city.  We decided to visit the offices of

We hung out with Nina most of the evening since Francis was busy doing some research.  While we were there, we were able to catch the BrewRats show with Ramon Bautista and RA Rivera.

I really like the idea of keeping alive the Philippine rock music scene via an internet and multimedia website.  I hope that it does catch on because, honestly, I think that rock is the only consistently progressive and creative music  genre that Pinoys can offer.

I think the last few pieces of truly original Philippine pop music was released in the 1990s.  After the Paalam Na, Habang May Buhay, Laging Naroon Ka time, there hasn’t been anything in the pop genre that has reached audiences of different ages and classses.  Artists not being able to reach the larger markets have then become dependent on covers and remakes.

With the loss of NU 107, the Filipinos have also lost the last frontier for OPMs (Original Pilipino Music.)  Hopefully, DigRadio can serve as the new venue for OPMs.

New Bombay in Salcedo Village

Fried Papadum appetiser at New Bombay

I just noticed I’ve been blogging about food and drinks a lot.  That’s funny.  I really should find other more memorable things in my day to ramble about.

Anyway, I had dinner with Nina and my sister at New Bombay in Salcedo Village in Makati.  I’ve been going to that particular New Bombay for years and years.

I remember when it was this tiny thing with monobloc plastic chairs and, when you plan to dine there, you hope that the old Indian lady is the one cooking.

Since then there’s been a few more locations that have opened like in Glorietta and Ayala Columns but I’ve never actually eaten in any other branch.  I still always find myself on Dela Costa Street in Makati.

Oh.  And I still love the food.  It’s good and cheap.

The Ketchup Egg

Ketchup and Eggs

One of my favourite ways of having eggs is with ketchup.  The eggs have to be scrambled on the frying pan so that the whites and yellows don’t become one.  Throw in some salt and pepper right away.  The eggs are cooked very quickly and taken out of the pan while still very moist.  Slather on some ketchup.  I prefer Heinz but Hunt’s will do.  Both are available in the groceries like Hi-Top, Cherry, Unimart or S&R.

Weird?  I’ve been doing it since I was a kid.  It is something I learned from my Uncle Boy.  In my family, it’s only my sister and I who have eggs this way.

Alexandre at The Fort

Cafe Alexandre at The Fort

I went to Fort Bonifacio this week to talk to a friend of mine about “matters of the heart”.  Not my heart, my brother’s.  That’s not a story I can post publicly because the meeting itself is a secret.

I don’t normally go out to The Fort because it is far from Quezon City.   One thing I do enjoy about making the trek to The Fort, or even Makati, is seeing old friends I’d only run into at these locales.

A lot of QC folk stay in QC because it’s just so relaxed out here.  When Trinoma opened, there was no need to go very far for an Ayala mall too.   I love the restaurants and small cafes all around the city.

At The Fort, I hung out at Alexandre.  It’s a small cafe around 2nd and 31st street, I think. LOL.  I walked from Burgos Circle so I’m not exactly sure which corner it was actually on.

Alexandre was quaint and comfortable.  The food was pretty good.  I had a pizza, some chocolate puff pastry and an iced tea.  After my “meeting” I ran into Kat, a friend who handles events for Alexandre.  They have theme nights at Alexandre which I think is awesome for someone like me who doesn’t really like the loud music and large crowds.  It’s a lot more chill.  I would totally go if it were in QC.

Oh, Hello. You’re My New Cheap Thrill.

Boracay Rum and Dalandan Soda

My friend, Therese, always has new discoveries.  One of the latest discoveries that I’ve enjoyed a little too much over the past week is Boracay Rum.

Boracay Rum comes in two different flavours.  I think it’s two flavours.  There could be more but I’ve only tried the cappuccino and the coconut.  Boracay Rum is made by Tanduay.

Tanduay is actually one of my favourite rums.  It is so good.  I’m serious.  I love Tanduay 5 Years, or what my college friends and I used to call T5. Boracay Rum is a good alternative to Malibu (I love Malibu).  It’s a little sweeter than Malibu but for 70 pesos, I’m not complaining.

For me, it’s a lot better than The Bar.  I find The Bar way too sweet.  If you drink The Bar, try spilling some on a table or place a little between two fingers and check out how sticky it actually is.  That stickiness is all sugar.

Try Boracay Rum coconut flavour on the rocks, with pineapple juice to make a piña colada or with dalandan soda, like Therese likes it, for a more Philippine Island feel.  The cappuccino tastes like XO Coffee Candy which will probably be good with coffee or chocolate flavoured drinks.

Rodic’s Tapsilog

This is why I'm fat.

Darra is one my bffs and she is here visiting from Las Vegas.  She hosted a little impromptu dinner at her house and due to the short notice, she served what was readily available.  Check out the spread.

It was an over the top breakfast buffet with porkchops, bacon, sausages, ham, tapa, longganisa, tocino, bbq, eggs, japchae, pizza, cakes and fried rice.

Darra’s family owns Rodic’s, a place known for its tapsilog.  I used to have their tapsi almost daily because there would be no other food in Darra’s house to eat.  This time around, I haven’t had tapsi in years.  It was so good.

Sandy’s Pizza at Darra’s Dinner


Sandy's Pizza special order "D" in pepperoni.

Had some Sandy’s Pizza over at a small gathering at my bff’s home in Tierra Pura.  She’s here for a short visit from Vegas or Vegas Baby!! as it is more popularly called.

Darra, the psychotic bff, called Sandy’s Pizza and requested that they cut the pizza into two inch circles because squares are just not cool with their edges and all.  Unfortunately, they weren’t able to accommodate that request.  Instead, she asked for a letter “D” to be added onto the pizza and there it is on the photo!

Sandy’s Pizza is actually owned and operated by two friends from college.  The pizza is good and you can request for it to be baked to a crisp or if you prefer it on the limp side.

For more information, visit their facebook page here.



Midnight Mercato, A Crowded Bus Terminal

Schublig in bun from Midnight Mercato stall.

Alexei, Grace and I decided to pay a visit to the Midnight Mercato tents at The Fort.  It wasn’t pretty.

Daytime Mercato Centrale is much better but I’d actually still rather do Salcedo Market over Mercato.  Some of the vendors in Mercato are just run of the mill.  There were fishballs and isaw which I would not travel to The Fort for because I live beside UP.

The sausages I got weren’t very special at all.  They could have been purchased at S&R for all we know.  It tasted like the sausages that I get from S&R.  And the mustard and ketchup weren’t very good either.  Give me Heinz and horseradish mustard please.

While we sat and ate, one of the things that kept running through my mind was that it looked like a bus terminal.  Maybe like the back of Market Market! or something like that.  They really need better vendors, IMHO.  I won’t be wasting time going that far for common snacks.

A Kittie Party

Kumitsu Khatul Sababa om Lesley's lap

Yesterday was the birthday celebration of Kumitsu Khatul Sababa, my friend’s giant kitty cat.  Kumitsu is now 10 years old in human years.  I just used an online human to cat years calculator and it said that Kumitsu is now 57 years old in cat years.

Cat years is not like dog years where there’s a specific 1 human year = 7 dog years.  Cat years seems a little more complicated.

The party was a blast.  I felt like I was in Boracay with all the tanned yoga and pilates instructors that were there in attendance.  Kumistsu’s momma, my friend Lesley, is a yoga instructor herself.

The funny thing about parties thrown by yogis is that most of them are cigarette and, possibly, alcohol free.  Ganja, however, is pretty free flowing.

I brought my own bottle of Bacardi with me, which I shared with some of the non-yogi guests and I did smoke something other than cigarettes.  I hadn’t smoked that kind of herb in over a year.  Needless to say, when Grace and I left for the mall I was happily buzzing and watching Limitless was pretty good on a buzz.

Here’s the kitty years calculator I found.