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The Rest House Tocino Built

The rest house

The rest house

Who would have guessed that surrounded by lahar is a cute little rest house?  It’s always a fun drive going through lahar country.  The lahar that struck these parts of Pampanga came around the mid 90s.  I actually wasn’t around when the Mt. Pinatubo blew up but I was around to witness a lot of the destruction the lahar caused.  So many homes, including our own, in Pampanga were destroyed because of the lahar.  I remember my cousins showing up in our house in Manila with their clothes covered in mud.  They had swam through the 1996 floor and lahar that hit our part of San Fernando, Pampanga and they took a bus to get to us here in Manila.  They informed us that our grandma and some of the family members were all gathered in the old ancestral house.  My parents hurriedly went to San Fernando with boats to pick them up.


Santos-Cuyugan + Araneta Wedding

My cousin before the wedding.

I can’t remember what day my cousin got married.  This is why I’m blogging.  I can’t really remember when I did things.  Haha.  I think that the older you get and the more information our brains store, little details like dates kind of slip your mind… Or that could just be me.  I don’t know.  Anyway, my cousin got married like a month ago or 2 months ago.  Who knows?  I just wanted to make sure that I wrote something down so I can check which year or what time of year it happened.

Isn’t she so tall?  She’s 5’9″.  I come from tall peoples.  The wedding was done in the Hizon home in Pampanga somewhere.


The Babysitters Club

The Babysitters Club

This was a photo taken during Holy Week.  My sister and I had spent our holidays babysitting Christian.  Christian is the youngest baby of Chuvaness. We stayed at Cecile’s house the entire duration of the holidays to make sure Christian was happy and healthy.

It turned out to be quite a fun Holy Week with visits from Grace and our other friends like Tettanews, Francis and Nina.

It’s been over a month now and I’m missing the baby!

Anyeong Gusto Mo?

My dongseng.

I haven’t found the time to blog lately since my parents have left the country and I am now also working a day job.  I actually took the day off today because I haven’t had any rest in the last 3 weeks.  Of course, it’s not going to be a completely lazy day.  I should get a few simple tasks done that don’t require much strenuous thought or involve any physical labour.

Running a household, teaching English to Koreans, being a sari sari store owner that  should please his parents, titas, titos and lola doesn’t leave much time for me.  The time that is left for me, I tend to try and enjoy with friends.  It’s not the best idea because I really need to just lay down and watch tv but I really just want to see my friends.

I took the day off today and I will do almost nothing.  I’d love to do absolutely nothing but I can’t.  Not today. Lol.  I am so going to take a break in october when my contract is up.