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Kidnap Without Ransom

The Courtney Love

Van Gogh is Bipolar celebrated its 2 year anniversary in secrecy.  The invites were in the form of an sms message that said it was a must that we venture towards Van Gogh is Bipolar tonight!  It was a Kidnap Without Ransom.

Of course, I was very curious and did what the message had instructed.  It was the secret celebration of  Van Gogh is Bipolar’s 2nd year.

The food and drinks were amazing.  There were stations scattered all over the place.  On one side of the room was the “nice” healthy organic dishes that Van Gogh is Bipolar is famous for and the other, the “naughty” section, had Van Gogh is Bipolar’s signature cocktails.

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Chuvaness x KFC

Our Server at KFC UP Ayala Technohub

One day, when our cook was taking the day off and my siblings and I had just returned from Pampanga, we went to KFC to get some food.

I used the gift certificate that was sent to me by through her KFC promo.  I know that I can’t join Chuvaness’ contests, which kinda sucks but I do get some awesome presents from her, like KFC.

She sent out 11 meals to 11 of her friends and I was lucky enough to be one of the 11.  I’m touched.  Haha.

I remember my friend Kristeta used to say “I’m touched.  Touch din kita.”  That was random….

My brother, sister and I really enjoyed the KFC meal.  Thanks again to Chuvaness and KFC Philippines.

CD-R King

CD-R King Loot

I’ve had a love hate relationship with CD-R King.  I love that it’s such a wasteland of cheap gadgety items but there have been times that I’ve hated them because of their dumb protocols and annoying staff.

I’ve learned though that not every branch has annoying clerks.  I actually enjoyed shopping for silly items at the UP Ayala Technohub branch. The staff was very friendly and helpful and they get to you right away.

I remember this one time in Waltermart CD-R King.  It was awful.  There were 7 visible staff members behind the counter and I had to wait for 14 minutes before someone came over to help me.  I understand that there was a number system but why was only one staff member catering to customers?  That was so irritating that I have vowed never to return to that place again.

I do like to ramble, don’t I?

Keri and the Zamoras


I wanted to title this post “Portrait of a Friend” but that would have been misleading because, although there is a portrait of a friend in the post, I won’t be rambling about her the entire time.

I saw this photo of Keri Zamora pop up on my Facebook feed.  It made me think about Keri and how long I’ve known her.

Keri and I have known each other for about 11 years.  Back then, she was Keri Neri, a model that I would work with at a Levi’s event.  I’m not sure but she might have been one of the campus mannequins that we would use in that Levi’s campaign.

Keri is one of the sweetest girls ever.  She’s also very pretty and stylish.  She did win this year’s Preview Magazine’s Best Dressed at the recent Preview Ball.

It’s really quite odd how so many of the Zamora family have been a part of different times in my life.  I went to school with Francis, we were classmates and acquaintances.  He and his friends would cheat off me in chemistry, which I was also terrible at.  I loved Chelo Zamora and I think about her all the time.  Now, Cecile and Keri are part of my life and I love them too.




At the Ed Westwick for Penshoppe Event

I don’t really attend events that often because I find them kind of boring.  As much as I love my friends, I’d rather see them at a dinner, over coffee or while hanging in someone’s crib.

What I do love about seeing my friends at events is the interesting photographs that they love to pose for.

Cecile is always trying to get everyone to pose for photos.  She loves art directing out group pics.  It’s hilarious and fun and it turns out pretty well.

This photo was taken by Magic Liwanag.  He’s a pretty awesome photographer.

Converse x CDG

Converse Jack Purcell x CDG

I’m not usually into buying expensive shoes or designer items but when one of my favourite shoe brands ever decided to have a collabo with Commes Des Garcons, I just had to get a pair.

There’s a reason why I like CDG.  It’s a silly reason but a reason nonetheless.  A lot of my gay friends are into Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, Balenciaga and the like. As much as I love these friends of mine, I just don’t really fit with their groups.  I’m not a slut, I don’t care for house music and I like wearing shorts, a tee and flip flops.

Because I don’t really fit the mould, I also don’t care much for the labels that they love.  Those labels describe who they are and who they hang with.  I’m not a part of that.  I like labels that are a little different as well.

Ribs, BBQ and Deep Fried Oreos

RUB - Scout Rallos, Quezon City

I tried out this cute little restaurant called RUB on Scout Rallos in Quezon City.  The place was comfortable and the staff was friendly.

I like small establishments that have like 5 tables.  It gives you that slightly private at home feeling.

I had the some steak, some ribs and bettered deep fried Oreos for dessert.  It was a really nice meal.

Chuvaness x Blackberry


Ginggay, Me and Janina

A few months ago, as a contest giving away a Blackberry Bold 9780.  It was a surprise that 3 of the finalists were friends of Chuvaness.  Ginggay, Janina and myself were chosen as finalists.

It isn’t usual that we are allowed to enter the Chuvaness contests.  This time, it was representatives from RIM that chose the finalists.  I was happy that I was able to join the contest.  It was really a lot of fun.


The Rest House Tocino Built

The rest house

The rest house

Who would have guessed that surrounded by lahar is a cute little rest house?  It’s always a fun drive going through lahar country.  The lahar that struck these parts of Pampanga came around the mid 90s.  I actually wasn’t around when the Mt. Pinatubo blew up but I was around to witness a lot of the destruction the lahar caused.  So many homes, including our own, in Pampanga were destroyed because of the lahar.  I remember my cousins showing up in our house in Manila with their clothes covered in mud.  They had swam through the 1996 floor and lahar that hit our part of San Fernando, Pampanga and they took a bus to get to us here in Manila.  They informed us that our grandma and some of the family members were all gathered in the old ancestral house.  My parents hurriedly went to San Fernando with boats to pick them up.


Santos-Cuyugan + Araneta Wedding

My cousin before the wedding.

I can’t remember what day my cousin got married.  This is why I’m blogging.  I can’t really remember when I did things.  Haha.  I think that the older you get and the more information our brains store, little details like dates kind of slip your mind… Or that could just be me.  I don’t know.  Anyway, my cousin got married like a month ago or 2 months ago.  Who knows?  I just wanted to make sure that I wrote something down so I can check which year or what time of year it happened.

Isn’t she so tall?  She’s 5’9″.  I come from tall peoples.  The wedding was done in the Hizon home in Pampanga somewhere.