Oh, Hello.

Oh, Hello. You’re My New Cheap Thrill.

Boracay Rum and Dalandan Soda

My friend, Therese, always has new discoveries.  One of the latest discoveries that I’ve enjoyed a little too much over the past week is Boracay Rum.

Boracay Rum comes in two different flavours.  I think it’s two flavours.  There could be more but I’ve only tried the cappuccino and the coconut.  Boracay Rum is made by Tanduay.

Tanduay is actually one of my favourite rums.  It is so good.  I’m serious.  I love Tanduay 5 Years, or what my college friends and I used to call T5. Boracay Rum is a good alternative to Malibu (I love Malibu).  It’s a little sweeter than Malibu but for 70 pesos, I’m not complaining.

For me, it’s a lot better than The Bar.  I find The Bar way too sweet.  If you drink The Bar, try spilling some on a table or place a little between two fingers and check out how sticky it actually is.  That stickiness is all sugar.

Try Boracay Rum coconut flavour on the rocks, with pineapple juice to make a piña colada or with dalandan soda, like Therese likes it, for a more Philippine Island feel.  The cappuccino tastes like XO Coffee Candy which will probably be good with coffee or chocolate flavoured drinks.

Oh, Hello. You’re Mister Chuckie Dreyfus.

I was on my way to Pepper Lunch at Shang for “something”.  I didn’t know what it was because I am, apparently, clueless a lot.  I have these gaps in my memory which is probably a sign of aging or obesity or something really serious like that.

When Grace picked me up, I had to ask her where we were going.  I knew we were going to Pepper Lunch but I didn’t know which one and why.  She told me that we were meeting Chuckie Dreyfus.  I shit my pants!  No, I didn’t.

Chuckie Dreyfus was a child star who was really big in the 80s.

I had already met Chuckie a decade ago through one of my good friends.  Back then, he was this techy/geek guy and that’s all I can remember.  Oh, and he was really nice.

Chuckie is now happily married with 3 kids and he produces musical scoring for film and television.  He’s lost 40lbs and is planning to get back into the acting game.  Good for him.  Now, that’s all I can say about that.  Oh, and he’s still really nice.

My 80s entertainment consisted of watching Sesame Street and The Facts of Life.  Also, listening to Tchaikovsky, Glenn Miller and Lea Salonga.  That’s Entertainment?  I’m drawing a blank.  This is probably how stupid people feel most of the time.  It’s uncomfortable.

At Pepper Lunch, Cecile gave us all loot bags with Birch Tree Powdered Milk, Besuto Prawn Crackers, Hapee Toothpaste, Colgate Toothpaste, Likas Papaya Soap and Chuckie Choco Drink.  All of these things are associated to Mister Chuckie Dreyfus.  I don’t really know how but it was hilarious nonetheless.

I keep saying “Mister Chuckie Dreyfus” because I have a Parokya Ni Edgar song stuck in my head.  The lyrics are about how the singer wants to be part of That’s Entertainment and the 2nd stanza goes “Kapag ako’y makapasok, siguradong malalaos. Ang pagkagwapo ni Mr. Chuckie Dreyfus.”

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Oh, Hello. You’re a Big Drag Queen.

Pollo Del Mar

I was tweeting about RuPauls’s Drag Race last night because I had just started season 2 of the series.  I was surprised when I received a reply from a stranger with huge orange hair and really colourful make-up.  Actually, my heart probably skipped a beat from the shock.  A drag queen had messaged me.  Woah.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love drag queens.  I actually have a good friend that’s a drag queen.  I was just caught off guard when she tweeted me because there aren’t very many drag queens in The Philippines.  A lot of she-males, yes.  Drag queens, no.  You can also throw in a few boys in dresses that lipsynch to women’s songs, but I don’t consider them drag queens ’cause I’d probably do a better job if someone would just do my make-up and find me a dress size 10 (okay maybe a 12 LOL) outfit with size 11 heels.

Getting back to the queen.  Her name is Pollo Del Mar, a drag queen out of San Fo.  She is a GLOSS magazine journalist and SF Bay Times Columnist.  She’s friends with people that I loved on RuPaul’s Drag Race like Juju, Pandora Boxx and Ongina.  We exchanged a few words and I think she’s hilarious.  I could be biased though because she’s a Glamazon (She’s 6′ tall without the heels) which is something I can relate to in a country where the average height of the men is around 5’4″.

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