What #ThePact?!

Runners in front of UP Bahay ng Alumni

My internet service provider is PLDT MyDSL.   I haven’t had a decent connection for awhile now.  It started even before the Japan earthquakes.

One day, when I really needed to do some internet-ting, I went to borrow my friend’s dongle.  Dongle sounds like a bad word.  Nevermind.  I actually have my own dongles.  I have 4 of them.  I have a Smart, Globe and 2 Sun Cellular ones.  All of them are “on loan” to other people.

So I went to borrow from Kathryn Halili, sister of Katrina Halili (not the one that dances to Careless Whisper with Hayden Kho Jr. as these sisters are actually Halili Cruz) was joining up with her runner friends in UP.

I wasn’t going to bring home the dongle because I only needed about half an hour to get things done.  So I decided to just do the work at the steps of the UP Bahay ng Alumni.  The runners, being friendly and all, asked if I’d like to join them on a run.  I didn’t.  I don’t run.  I think some people, like myself, are made for short sprints.  That and I have a bad knee from years of brutal training.

I have been trying to get some exercise in lately.  I have gained a lot of fat recently and have been trying to find ways to drop the weight.

A few friends of mine decided to try doing what we call #ThePact.  Pia, Cecile, Jude and I would tweet each other our daily food intake.  It worked for awhile but, at a certain age, watching what you eat is not enough.  I recently started walking or riding a bicycle along Maginhawa Street.  I liked the walking but figured I’d probably kill myself once summer comes along.  The bicycle riding is nice too except for cars honking at me to move aside.  Seriously annoying.  Bicycles are vehicles too.

So, now, my new attempt at exercise is popping in a yoga dvd every other night (sometimes consecutive nights if I’m not completely in pain).  I’m hoping this will help.

Enough rambling for tonight.

Oh, Hello. You’re a Big Drag Queen.

Pollo Del Mar

I was tweeting about RuPauls’s Drag Race last night because I had just started season 2 of the series.  I was surprised when I received a reply from a stranger with huge orange hair and really colourful make-up.  Actually, my heart probably skipped a beat from the shock.  A drag queen had messaged me.  Woah.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love drag queens.  I actually have a good friend that’s a drag queen.  I was just caught off guard when she tweeted me because there aren’t very many drag queens in The Philippines.  A lot of she-males, yes.  Drag queens, no.  You can also throw in a few boys in dresses that lipsynch to women’s songs, but I don’t consider them drag queens ’cause I’d probably do a better job if someone would just do my make-up and find me a dress size 10 (okay maybe a 12 LOL) outfit with size 11 heels.

Getting back to the queen.  Her name is Pollo Del Mar, a drag queen out of San Fo.  She is a GLOSS magazine journalist and SF Bay Times Columnist.  She’s friends with people that I loved on RuPaul’s Drag Race like Juju, Pandora Boxx and Ongina.  We exchanged a few words and I think she’s hilarious.  I could be biased though because she’s a Glamazon (She’s 6′ tall without the heels) which is something I can relate to in a country where the average height of the men is around 5’4″.

You can follow Pollo Del Mar via twitter: