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David Cook – The Time of My Life

Congratulations to David Cook. This marks the end of the American Idol music posts for this year. It’s over. Sure, I’ll post updates every now and then but it’s time to obsess about So You Think You Can Dance Season 4!!!

David Cook – The Time of My Life (Studio Single)

American Idol Top 3

The Top 3 Studio Recordings
David Archuleta – Longer – DOWNLOAD

Syesha Mercado – If I Ain’t Got You – DOWNLOAD

David Cook – I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing – DOWNLOAD

In My Opinion… (American Idol Post)

a) David Archuleta should never again do Chris Brown and should return to singing divas.

b) David Cook cannot tackle a Diane Warren and Steven Tyler combo.

c) Syesha Mercado was entertaining.

—— edit——

I’m watching it again. I’m obsessing a little because it’s finals next week and I’ll be Idol free after that. Holo! Gossip Girl is ending next week too! What will I do?! Okay, I think I’m going to panic. I can feel it coming. lol.

Anyway, I’m watching Archuleta sing “With You” again. It’s not as bad as the first time ’round. I think the “boo”, an odd low note and stutter (probably lyrics struggle again), and awkward performance just really threw me off. lol. He makes it sound like a nice folk song. Probably not what he was going for but it works for me. hahaha.

American Idol Top 4

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

David Cook – Hungry Like the WolfDOWNLOAD

Syesha Mercado – Proud MaryDOWNLOAD

Jason Castro – Mr. TambourineDOWNLOAD

David Archuleta – Love Me TenderDOWNLOAD

American Idol Top 5

The Music of Neil Diamond (studio recordings)

Jason Castro – Forever in Blue JeansDOWNLOAD

David Cook – I’m AliveDOWNLOAD

Brooke White – I Am…I SaidDOWNLOAD

David Archuleta – Sweet CarolineDOWNLOAD

Syesha Mercado – Hello AgainDOWNLOAD

American Idol Top 6

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Song Book (studio recordings)

Syesha Mercado – One Rock ‘n’ Roll Too ManyDOWNLOAD

Jason Castro – MemoryDOWNLOAD

Brooke White – You Must Love MeDOWNLOAD

David Archuleta – Think of MeDOWNLOAD

Carly Smithson – (Jesus Christ) SuperstarDOWNLOAD

David Cook – The Music of the NightDOWNLOAD

I be a Torrent Pirate, Matey! Yarr!

I have just uploaded my first torrent ever. I’ve been wanting to learn how to make and upload a torrent for awhile now but I’ve been lazy and afraid of all the techie obstacles that are involved with torrent-ing. Since Demonoid is back up and running, and we all love Demonoid, I thought that it would be a nice gesture to offer something that isn’t on their list of downloadables. With the help of a friend, I did just that. I uploaded an album. I thought an album would the perfect thing to upload since the size isn’t too large and I won’t have to seed it for very long. It worked and I am now, officially, a torrent pirate. Yarr! Shiver me timbers!

Here’s what I uploaded:

The 2001, $3.2 million dollar flop of our favourite American Idol finalst, Carly Smithson.

Ultimate High – Carly Hennessy

And as a bonus, for coming to my blog, you get not one, but two! That’s right! Two American Idol albums. This offer is not available with my torrent and is only available until my link gets shutdown. So, for your listening pleasure, I present to you the 2006 solo album of our other favourite American Idol finalist (yes. at this point they are all our favourites), David Cook.

2006 solo album of American Idol finalist, David Cook.

Analog Heart – David Cook

American Idol Season 7: Top 12

I can’t help it. I have to say something. Lol.

Syesha Mercado: I like Syesha. A few problems with the beginning of the stanzas. Rocked out the chorus. Is she Latina? Might be forgettable since she was on so early into the evening. I hope not.

Chikezie: Not one of my favourites on the show. Loved his performance tonight.

Ramiele Malubay: Didn’t like her in the beginning (very throaty singing) but got better during the Top 24. Must be the vocal coaching. Getting kinda boring right now.

Jason Castro: He’s a cutey. I liked his performance. I actually agree with Paula Abdul. lol. I’m not a fan of dreadlocks. He is Latino. That’s hot.

Carly Smithson: Sang the song well but for some reason it bored me. The judges had wonderful things to say about the performance. Maybe the energy didn’t come through the television. I do love Carly’s vocals though.

David Cook: Had a few pitch problems but I really wish I could sound like that. I wanna be all “rock”. lol. I really like this guy. That voice is awesome. Do people naturally sound like that or do they train their voice?

Brooke White: Awesome. This girl is a performer fo’sho! Not the best pipes on the show but I think she has the most presence among the ladies. What? There are other ladies on this show? All I can remember is Brooke.

David Hernandez: Yawn. Not the worst performance of the evening for me. Not really one of my favourites. I don’t like the accent he has when he sings. And I find that weird nasal vowel that comes out every now and then annoying, on him. Definitely bottom 2, for me, tonight.

Amanda Overmyer: I like her. I like that she sounds different. I am, however, tired of that scarf. I think she did really well. Did you hear about her nude photos? Well, it seems, someone from her town in trying to sell nude pics of Amanda to the highest bidder. Dunno if it’s true. I don’t actually wanna see that. lol.

Michael Johns: If I were to have a secret season 7 crush, it would be this guy. But then if I had a secret crush on him, I probably wouldn’t blog about it because it’s a secret. Okay. So, I have a tiny crush on him. Again, it’s that rockery voice. I’d probably crush David Cook, but I don’t like his hair and I find his chin funny. Just don’t tell anyone because I’m going for a hardcore David Archuleta fangirl image. lol.

Kristy Lee Cook: Worst performance of the evening. I agree with Simon. Horrible arrangement. I actually sat up to try and hear the fiddle because I thought that concentrating on that sound might help. Unfortunately, the vocals and the instruments did not go very well together. If I turned up the volume it probably would have felt like fingernails on a chalkboard.

David Archuleta: You know I love him. No, I do not like that Michael Johns. David has a “forgetting the lyrics problem”. How do I know this? I download every video and song on the net that has David Archuleta singing. Yes, I am a crazy fangirl. It happens. I’ll get over it when American Idol is over. Bad job, David. But it’s okay. You have a lot of fans. No worries.

Bottom 3 for me…

Kristy Lee Cook
David Hernandez
Syesha Mercado