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The Fall of Canada

My parents believe that the legalisation of gay marriage in Canada will cause its demise. Are Toronto and Vancouver the next Sodom and Gomorrah? I should be there when the fire and brimstone rain from heaven. It sounds like a visual feast. Also, I have no idea what brimstone is. I’d love to be with the rest of the Canadians. It could be a beautiful and educational death.

Is He Gay or Straight?

It looks as though GG star Chase Crawford has been getting cozy with an older pop idol. Nope, it’s not his “girlfriend” Carrie Underwood.

Gorgeous Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford, 22, was seen trying to quietly slip in and out of a poolside cabana he was thought to share with N Sync singer JC Chasez, 31, at the Roosevelt hotel in LA. Defamer had a tipster send in the sighting along with a faraway photo of Crawford. Maybe these two are just “good friends,” but this week’s Globe suggests it’s something more. I know the Globe isn’t the most reliable source, but they have photos of the two out together in New York, Hollywood and Miami across several months.

Globe says that Crawford’s girlfriend, country singer Carrie Underwood, has already lost him to the handsome boy bander, and that the two guys have moved in together in LA:

Has American Idol turned country star Carrie Underwood lost her hot actor boyfriend Chace Crawford to another guy? While cowgirl Carrie has been touring with Keith Urban, rumors are mounting that she could be headed for a mess of Brokeback heartbreak as Crawford has been popping up on both coasts with former ‘NSync star JC Chasez! And there are even reports the Gossip Girls hunk has moved into JC’s Los Angeles pad…

[From The Globe, print edition, March 31, 2008]

The Globe notes all the times these two have been seen out together, including Elton Jonn’s Oscar party, New Year’s Eve at the Raleigh hotel in Miami and in September at the Gramercy Park in NY. They say they’re “inseparable.”

If they’re more than friends and are together that’s great for them. These two are both attractive young guys and they make a really cute couple. It’s too bad that Underwood may have been dumped and/or cheated on, but she’s a country singer and I’m sure it would make a useful subject for a song. She could change “Before He Cheats” to “Before He Cheats With His Best Friend.”

#2 Nsync Crush, JC Chasez (Lance was #1. LOL)
#1 GG crush, Chace Crawford

(click pic for larger version)
It’s probably all false rumours but one can dream. 😀


Is He Gay or Straight?

He’s vain.
He’s 42 and single.
He’s never been married.
He’s really close to his mama.
He lives in New York City with his dog Teesha and his cat Pumpkin.

He wears glittery tshirts to watch plays on Broadway.
He used to be called “gay boyfriend” by Jai Rodriguez (they’re “good friends”).
He’s been allegedly “spotted” canoodling with men. One of them is supposedly Jai Rodriguez.

~ or ~

Is celebrity chef, Rocco Dispirito, gay or is he dating Tracey Edmonds (they’re also “good friends”)?

David Hernandez

He is the favourite American Idol Season 7 contestant of my friend, Rocky. He was a bartender at a gay club and a stripper at a “mostly male” clientele strip club. That’s hot. I wonder if he’s gay.

I love this season of American Idol.