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I need Moxy not Moxie’s

Apollo & Jay at Starbucks on Robson corner Thurlow.

Jay and Apollo were in Vancouver and I’m only posting about it like over a month after they were here. How sad is that!? Anyway, we didn’t really have much time to hang out ’cause I had work and they both got sick after getting wet in the rain. The little time I got to spend with Jay was so happy-making. We laughed so much but, at the same time, I had this weird feeling come over me ’cause I realised that I haven’t laughed that way in months. That was so depressing.. This may sound bad, but it reminded me of my best friend, Darra. There was one evening we spent laughing hysterically while at Starbucks 6750 with Taire, Ate Ta and TJ. Darra had said she hadn’t laughed like that in a year. Then Taire commented about how sad it must be not to laugh this much on a regular basis. Taire was right. My life, like my best friend’s, isn’t as full of glee as it could be.

Okay, enough of that. I just wanna return to something happier. Like this photo of Apollo, me and Jay.

Will you be my friend?

Paul, at his going away party last night.
My dearest friend, Paul, is leaving this week for Dubai to work as a flight attendant on Emirates. Darra and I met Paul six years ago in an ABSCBN studio. We met during an audition for MYX, the music channel. Paul had just arrived in the Philippines for a vacation. Naturally, being the half-breed that he is, he ended up in commercials and we ended up partying for the next six months. Even when he returned to Vancouver, we kept contact and remained good friends. Now, he’s the closest friend I have over here in the land of “Eh?”. He leaves on Thursday. I can see my social life being limited to the internet after this. Will you be my friend?

More photos from the gathering…

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