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I need Moxy not Moxie’s

Apollo & Jay at Starbucks on Robson corner Thurlow.

Jay and Apollo were in Vancouver and I’m only posting about it like over a month after they were here. How sad is that!? Anyway, we didn’t really have much time to hang out ’cause I had work and they both got sick after getting wet in the rain. The little time I got to spend with Jay was so happy-making. We laughed so much but, at the same time, I had this weird feeling come over me ’cause I realised that I haven’t laughed that way in months. That was so depressing.. This may sound bad, but it reminded me of my best friend, Darra. There was one evening we spent laughing hysterically while at Starbucks 6750 with Taire, Ate Ta and TJ. Darra had said she hadn’t laughed like that in a year. Then Taire commented about how sad it must be not to laugh this much on a regular basis. Taire was right. My life, like my best friend’s, isn’t as full of glee as it could be.

Okay, enough of that. I just wanna return to something happier. Like this photo of Apollo, me and Jay.

Will you be my friend?

Paul, at his going away party last night.
My dearest friend, Paul, is leaving this week for Dubai to work as a flight attendant on Emirates. Darra and I met Paul six years ago in an ABSCBN studio. We met during an audition for MYX, the music channel. Paul had just arrived in the Philippines for a vacation. Naturally, being the half-breed that he is, he ended up in commercials and we ended up partying for the next six months. Even when he returned to Vancouver, we kept contact and remained good friends. Now, he’s the closest friend I have over here in the land of “Eh?”. He leaves on Thursday. I can see my social life being limited to the internet after this. Will you be my friend?

More photos from the gathering…

The Taming of it All

I was in Greenbelt last night. It feels kinda weird typing that I was in Greenbelt ’cause I so hardly ever hang out in Greenbelt on a Saturday evening. The reason for my being there though, was not to hang out in Segafredo to mingle with the fags, but to watch my long lost sister, Topper Fabregas. He is part of the cast of the Repertory Philippines production of “Taming of the Shrew”. It is an all male cast, just like in ye old days of Shakespeare, and Topper played the prettier, younger sister, Bianca. The show was a lot of fun, and quite a bit better than the last Repertory Philippines play I watched in Onstage.

At the theatre, I ran into an old friend of mine. Achi Dennis, as I fondly call him, had dropped out of site when he fell in love a couple of years ago. We decided to hang out in Segafredo after the show. He was hungry ’cause he had forgotten to eat after sweating it out the whole afternoon with his sport of choice, Badminton.

Segafredo, was not surprisingly, full of gay men. I had learned the term Se-GAY-fredo from Tito Cholo. It fits the restaurant/coffee shop perfectly. Seeing that there were homos abound, you’re sure to run into queer LJers. It was lovely to see Carl, Pier, Pao, Kuya Quin, and George. Naturally, I had stopped over every gay table before securing one for Dennis and myself.

We were seated beside the walkway which wasn’t the best place to be sitting. As people pass by, you can’t help but look up to them. When an acquaintance comes along, you must greet them with a little smile or a wave.

When I was younger, I liked this kind of scenario. Sitting in a place where you’d run into everyone. You’d have short, little conversations with them that you’d instantly forget about. I liked the smell of smoke and music from the bar that seemed to envelop the air around you and made your heart throb in sync with its bass. Alcohol intoxication made everything blend together in such harmony that, soon, the pull of a dancefloor is all that fills your head. Letting it all out. Letting it all go into the night.

Now… I find it annoying.

Prude Like That, Prude Like That

I’m such a prude that I had to say it twice.

Last night, Rocky, Poma and I attended a friend’s despedida. It seems everybody is leaving. There must be something wrong with the Philippines. Oh well…

I ran into an old college friend of mine at the despedida. She is the vocalist of the local band, The Late Isabel. They’re kinda famous ’cause they’re the only goth group to break mainstream here in the Philippines. So, we kinda reminisced about our college life. I think we became friends because in our batch, there were three people who dressed oddly, Wawi (The Late Isabel), Peewee (Meg Magazine) and mysely (Yeah. Me.). Peewee was this girl who used to wear dresses with aprons ’cause she was this total Grocery/Defect girl. Wawi was the goth chick. I was the rebellious, yet fun and popular student council member (*cough cough*). I remember one time I wore light blue pyjamas to school and the discipline officers were giving me “the evil eye”. Unfortunately for them, I didn’t break any handbook rules.

After the despedida, we dropped by Government, which was totally devoid of people except for the staff, owners and ourselves. We decided to head to Bed in Malate which is usually bustling on a Thursday. We ran into Doc Tony and he asked us about the term “Award” and its uses today.

We were supposed to head home after going to Bed. Instead, Rocky and Poma decided to torture me by going around the Quezon City Circle, the hang out of male prostitutes, and inquiring about their services. They weren’t planning on hiring anyone, they just wanted to find out what services these gigolos
provide, and how much their rates were. I was so freaked that I had a hard time breathing and I was frozen in my car seat. I put on my shades ’cause I felt a little safer wearing something that impared my vision slightly. If I had a hat with me, I would’ve put that on too. At times like these, I wish I had really long hair to cover my face with.

After going around a few times, it wasn’t really so bad after all. There was actually this guy who Poma couldn’t stop thinking about whose name is Jerome. A cutey that Poma freaked out ’cause Poma looks like a evil straight guy that preys on male prostitutes and beats them up. Anyway, as cute as Jerome was, I was still freaked out. I didn’t want him to see me or look at me. I dunno why. I think it’s like my innate prudeness.

Aftet all that, I can say that I learned quite a bit during this little adventure. A male ho will suck you, f*ck you and give you a full body massage for 500 pesos. Not a bad deal, I guess. My massage lady charges 300 pesos per visit and that’s like without any sucking or f*cking, of course. Eww, that would be, just, nasty.