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6 Degrees of Gossip Girl

A good friend of mine is here on a short visit from Chicago. She gave me a cute stuffed cow toy that is now beside my stuffed bunny doll at the foot of my electric fan. That’s not important though. Heehee. Anyway, we were doing the whole “catch up with each other’s lives” thing that friends do when they haven’t seen each other in years, and when we got to talking about her cousin from New York, she mentioned that he had gotten married. At her home, I was browsing through some family photos and I came across the album of her cousin’s wedding. I saw a face that looked familiar in the photos and made a “Jewish guys are hot! (but not that one.)” comment. She then told me that he was some kind of producer and that’s when the name Josh Schwartz came rushing to my brain. Josh Schwartz was part of her cousin’s wedding entourage. Josh Schwartz and Elle’s cousin have been buddies since grade school. I wanted to cry and die and scream. I also started feeling this pain. I was suffering knowing that I had a connection to Gossip Girl but felt that it was just out of my reach. It’s exciting and depressing at the same time. I should go to sleep now.

What’s Happening?

You know you’re a tv addict when you have nothing to write about when all the season enders have been aired. Grrr. Where is my Gossip Girl?!!?! I feel like my life is on pause for the summer season.

Gossip Girl Spoilers (Possibly)

I’m still very bothered by the Vanessa and Nate love story. I hate Vanessa. Anyway, I realise that I posted about the possibility of Nate and that woman having a relationship. I should have treated it as a spoiler. I’ve been reading more Gossip Girl news and possible things to come lately, so I’m going to write it down now.

Something that isn’t really a spoiler is the appearance of a new character. Real life socialite, Lydia Hearst, will be playing Amelia. I have no idea who Amelia is, but this should be fun.

Possible Spoilers and a Bunch of Photos (because I like to see what they’re wearing.)

Oh My Freakin’ Gosh! Seriously…

And that’s what I have to say about that.

Crushing TV Nerds, Dorks, Etc.

I watch a lot of television shows and I notice that I get these crushes on nerds (and Nate Archibald). Now, I know that there is an abundance of hot tv nerds, and suggestions are more than welcome as I am always willing to crush on new fictional characters, but these are just the few from the television shows I currently follow.
Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl, played by Penn Badgley, is the perfect high school student / boyfriend. He’s smart, he’s sensitive and he’s hot. If he were real, he’d be gay and definitely not in high school.

Chuck Bartowski from Chuck, played by Zachary Levi (not Jewish, I was shocked), works at the Nerd Herd booth at Buy More. He’s got the classic nerd uniform and looks so hot in it. He makes pocket protectors sexy.

Peter Petrelli from Heroes, played by Milo Ventimiglia. Now, I wasn’t sure whether to add him or not to my list. I still think of him as the dorky, soft-spoken nurse who lives in the shadow of his senatorial candidate brother, Nathan (also hot). I’d rather have the season one Peter over season two’s crew cut, shirt ripping, overly powerful and kinda dum, Peter.

Dexter Morgan from Dexter, played my Michael C. Hall. Is it wrong to have a crush on a serial killer? Maybe it’s my fascination for bad boys again? Whatever it is, Dexter is one hot psycho. I seriously wonder if there’s something wrong with me crushing on a psycho serial killer on tv, but he’s just so adorably lost that you want to give him a hug like a big murderous carebear.
Ned from Pushing Daisies, played by Lee Pace. Ned has a gift, or maybe a curse, and this is what the show revolves around. He’s tall, lanky and he bakes pies. He can’t touch the two biggest loves of his life ’cause if he does, they die. It’s so tragic that it makes you want to give him all the love you can, after killing the girlfriend, of course. I am not mistress material. Then we can bake pies together.

And finally, for Rocky, who I remembered while creating this post, a nerd from a show that I don’t watch. He used to play Harrison John on the 1999 tv show, Popular.

Henry Grubstick from Ugly Betty, played by Christopher Gorham. I don’t really know anything about this character because I’ve never seen the show. All I know is that Rocky has a crush on this nerd and that’s that.


It’s download Friday over at an lj community and I shared these over there. Y’all can take what you want. Enjoy.

Rihanna – Umbrella (Acoustic)
Danity Kane – Damaged
Constance Billard Choir (Gossip Girl) – Glamorous
Janet Jackson – Feedback (remix feat. Ciara & Busta)
Amy Adams – That’s How You Know (from OST of Enchanted)
Heart – Alone
Eva Cassidy – Imagine

Oh My Freakin’ Gosh!

Gossip Girl returns with all new episodes on April 21. And to promote this return is an aggressive new campaign that is sure to get some reactions. I guess they’re playing on the notion that “good or bad publicity is still publicity” and I’m sure if any group reacts to these ads it’ll definitely bring up the GG ratings. I just don’t like that it suggests, in GG terminology, “Oh My eFfin God”. I can’t even say “Oh my God”. I use “OMG” when chatting or blogging but you have to keep in mind when reading me, that the “G” means “goodness”. Yes, that’s really gay. “Gay” is another “G” word which is often wrongly used, but that’s another story. It’s a good thing I’m gay and can pull “goodness” off. Thank God. Nuninu… When I was younger I was into the Little Orphan Annie musical and heard “oh my goodness” quite a bit and I’m pretty sure that was my influence for that phrase. But that’s just me.

Nonetheless, I love GG and am excited to see what happens. I’m excited to see Michelle Trachtenberg play Georgina Sparks and make Serena‘s life a living hell. If you ask me, I think Serena should keep getting these problems. Her boyfriend is way too perfect. There has to be something screwy in the other aspects of her life. Of course, this is me being jealous of their relationship. Who doesn’t want a Dan Humphrey boyfriend? I am, however, not excited about the rumours of a Vanessa Abrams and Nate love angle. Hopefully, it stays a rumour. Vanessa is annoying. I hate her. I don’t mind if they have the Georgina and Nate fling. Even if Nate is my boyfriend, it did occur in the books. So, I am willing to overlook that fling, if it does happen.

Here’s the OMFG tv promo.
Of course, I’ve seen this episode six times and that was actually,
“No one’s ever looked at me the way you just did.”
There are a couple more. Find them HERE.

Crushing the Sons of Ipswich

I just watched The Covenant for the seventh time. I count the number of times I watch a movie or television series if the count remains under ten. I can say that I have watched all the episodes of Gossip Girl six times now and every episode of Chuck thrice. However, I have lost track of the number of times I have seen Bring It On, Head Over Heels, Trick and Friends.

Now, The Covenant isn’t the best movie ever, nor does it have an extremely talented cast. But in it’s defense, it does have hot male actors in all the lead roles and some pretty cool special effects. You might say watching a movie seven times (and counting) because of a good looking cast is a little shallow, but I have been told that I’m quite shallow. So really, it’s a match made in cinema heaven. Actually, I wouldn’t even have come across this flick if not for my #1 of two crushes in this movie.

I first saw Steven Strait in Disney’s Sky High where he played a dark and brooding outsider freshman superhero student that is misunderstood and really hot. From then on, I watch every single bad acting performace Steven presents the public with.

Thank goodness acting isn’t his only job. Here’s Steven in the February issue of Teen Vogue. Another model/actor from The hot Covenant cast will be playing the role of Gambit/Remy LeBeau in the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie.

Taylor Kitsch doesn’t look to me like he has the most awesome face. I can see how he can change looks as a model though. That looks like it can be an easy canvass to paint. But I think that’s probably not what people see in him.

My guess is it’s what people don’t see on Taylor that matters more. Among the five “hotties” in The Covenant, Taylor would be the one with the most muscle definition. I, unfortunately, don’t find that so hot. I’m much more interested in how people look with clothes on. I, also, like faces. The next face, although played the smallest role in The Covenant, is the biggest star among them as of the moment, thanks to a favourite television show of mine.

Thanks to his “on again, off again” relationship to the Queen B, Chace Crawford is now the most recognisable hottie from The Covenent. Although, he’s only my #2 Covenant crush, after weeks of thought, I had decided that he is my #1 GG crush.

I have a thing for a**holes sometimes. And his GG bestfriend had me crushing on him majorly for a few episodes. Thank goodness that in the end, I still fall for the good guy. Now, if I can only stop little Jenny Humphrey from ending up with him.

Speaking of a**holes, Toby Hemingway, played the “badboy” bestfriend of Chace Crawford in The Covenant. I have to admit, that I did crush on him for a few minutes. It wasn’t a few weeks of crushing like Chuck Bass in GG because Toby is blonde. I’m not the biggest fan of blondes. I don’t think it’s awful or anything. I just tend to gravitate towards brunettes.

Look at Toby beside Chace. Doesn’t Chace say “boyfriend material” in comparison to the blonde? Okay, maybe not, but I needed an excuse to post another Chace photo since he is my GG boyfriend. I would post another Steven Strait photo but that might be pushing it at this point. Also, Chace makes a good segue to our next Covenant boy.

Sebastian Stan played the villain in The Covenant. Villains are hot. He’s seriously not my type but when he plays evil, I wanna give him a hug and a baby harp seal. Baby harp seals are just too cute to not love.

Sebastian also played Carter Baizen, another bad guy who stole from Chuck Bass and swindled Nate Archibald (my love). It’s another GG connection. I love GG and I love the Covenant but above these, I love Steven Strait.

I had to get one more in. 😀

Is He Gay or Straight?

It looks as though GG star Chase Crawford has been getting cozy with an older pop idol. Nope, it’s not his “girlfriend” Carrie Underwood.

Gorgeous Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford, 22, was seen trying to quietly slip in and out of a poolside cabana he was thought to share with N Sync singer JC Chasez, 31, at the Roosevelt hotel in LA. Defamer had a tipster send in the sighting along with a faraway photo of Crawford. Maybe these two are just “good friends,” but this week’s Globe suggests it’s something more. I know the Globe isn’t the most reliable source, but they have photos of the two out together in New York, Hollywood and Miami across several months.

Globe says that Crawford’s girlfriend, country singer Carrie Underwood, has already lost him to the handsome boy bander, and that the two guys have moved in together in LA:

Has American Idol turned country star Carrie Underwood lost her hot actor boyfriend Chace Crawford to another guy? While cowgirl Carrie has been touring with Keith Urban, rumors are mounting that she could be headed for a mess of Brokeback heartbreak as Crawford has been popping up on both coasts with former ‘NSync star JC Chasez! And there are even reports the Gossip Girls hunk has moved into JC’s Los Angeles pad…

[From The Globe, print edition, March 31, 2008]

The Globe notes all the times these two have been seen out together, including Elton Jonn’s Oscar party, New Year’s Eve at the Raleigh hotel in Miami and in September at the Gramercy Park in NY. They say they’re “inseparable.”

If they’re more than friends and are together that’s great for them. These two are both attractive young guys and they make a really cute couple. It’s too bad that Underwood may have been dumped and/or cheated on, but she’s a country singer and I’m sure it would make a useful subject for a song. She could change “Before He Cheats” to “Before He Cheats With His Best Friend.”

#2 Nsync Crush, JC Chasez (Lance was #1. LOL)
#1 GG crush, Chace Crawford

(click pic for larger version)
It’s probably all false rumours but one can dream. 😀