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A Waste of TIME?

DJ’s Booth @ TIME in Makati

I wanted to check out TIME, a new club on Makati Avenue where Orange, Olive and Government used to be.  I might have set my expectations a little too high since the more recent clubs in Metro Manila have been elevating their presentation.  I mean, Republiq could be a nice club in the States.  In fact, Republiq kinda looks like Jet in Vegas.  Other venues like Members Only and Opus look very decent.

TIME was a rather disappointing new club as far as the aesthetics were concerned.  The walls were covered in padded black pleather, the cocktail tables were an eyesore and the seats weren’t at all very chic.  There was even some orange fabric that was carelessly roped around the railings on the second floor that was set to drape like a cheap buffet table set-up.

Something that I did like about the place was there was a roofdeck where you can smoke.  It was nothing special to look at.  It had plants in concrete pots, a few tables and seats and a water fixture at the far end.  What was great about the roofdeck was that it had it’s own DJ and bar.

There was also something a little off about the bars in TIME.  When I tried to order Super Dry at the bar inside, they said that they don’t have stock and that they don’t carry Super Dry.  The bar at the roofdeck had no problem filling the same order.  I just thought that was a little odd.

Dress code at TIME is a little lax, which is something I like.  I just wish I didn’t wear pants to the club because there were guys and gals in shorts.  I love shorts.  I really do.  This country is way too warm to wear pants all the time.  I guess that is one advantage of a not so bling’d up looking club.  Wearing shorts is not an issue.

Ladies beware!  There are ramps before the entrance and also right after entering the club.  The ramp outside is laid out bricks and my friends had a difficult time dealing with that in high heels.  The steps on the staircases are also pretty steep.

To their defense, they are on a “dry run” and nothing is set in stone.  I’d probably give it another go when they’re officially open and fully operational.

The Maginhawa Experience: In Da Ghetto

Packing tape and a clear folder cover a bullet hole on my sister's window.

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about Maginhawa Street.  Since then, the strip has grown to become a destination for food lovers, hipsters and artists.  In fact, the popularity of Maginhawa Street is now spilling onto its side streets with places like Leona’s Art Restaurant, Moon Leaf Tea Shop and Chef Tatung’s choosing the quieter option of “off-Maginhawa”.

I’m very happy to see my neighbourhood flourishing and growing into a place where people can walk around to enjoy art and culture.  I do, however, have concerns.

In the Philippines, we have an extremely localised branch of government called “Barangay” meaning village, district or ward.  I’m afraid that the barangays around Maginhawa Street (Sikatuna Village, Teachers Village East, Teachers Village West and UP Village) are ill-equipped to handle the fast growing number of visitors.

These barangay officials are no longer handling the loose residential areas they once were.  These villages are now very commercial.  I think the barangay needs to realise that the more a place becomes populated and commercial, the higher the threat will be to personal safety.

It’s sad but people I know have been victim to mugging, side mirrors being stolen, car windows being broken into, homes being robbed and cars being stolen.

Now, I don’t know if they’ve actually discussed this matter at their local government meetings.  I just wanted to say something about this today because my sister stayed in my room last night because she was too terrified to stay in her own bedroom after a stray bullet had broken her window.