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DigRadio, The Future of OPM?

Hanging at the Headquarters

Since I don’t really drive to Makati very often, my sister and I ended up spending a whole day in the city.  We decided to visit the offices of

We hung out with Nina most of the evening since Francis was busy doing some research.  While we were there, we were able to catch the BrewRats show with Ramon Bautista and RA Rivera.

I really like the idea of keeping alive the Philippine rock music scene via an internet and multimedia website.  I hope that it does catch on because, honestly, I think that rock is the only consistently progressive and creative music  genre that Pinoys can offer.

I think the last few pieces of truly original Philippine pop music was released in the 1990s.  After the Paalam Na, Habang May Buhay, Laging Naroon Ka time, there hasn’t been anything in the pop genre that has reached audiences of different ages and classses.  Artists not being able to reach the larger markets have then become dependent on covers and remakes.

With the loss of NU 107, the Filipinos have also lost the last frontier for OPMs (Original Pilipino Music.)  Hopefully, DigRadio can serve as the new venue for OPMs.

New Bombay in Salcedo Village

Fried Papadum appetiser at New Bombay

I just noticed I’ve been blogging about food and drinks a lot.  That’s funny.  I really should find other more memorable things in my day to ramble about.

Anyway, I had dinner with Nina and my sister at New Bombay in Salcedo Village in Makati.  I’ve been going to that particular New Bombay for years and years.

I remember when it was this tiny thing with monobloc plastic chairs and, when you plan to dine there, you hope that the old Indian lady is the one cooking.

Since then there’s been a few more locations that have opened like in Glorietta and Ayala Columns but I’ve never actually eaten in any other branch.  I still always find myself on Dela Costa Street in Makati.

Oh.  And I still love the food.  It’s good and cheap.

In This Photo: Me!

Me @ Robot by Nina Sandejas

This photo was taken by Nina Sandejas.  It’s the first photo that she’s ever uploaded of me.  She’s actually taken several photos on several occasions but they were probably too ugly and she didn’t want to post them.

I think I might have come out really fat in her other photos.  Nina would never post a really fat photo of me because I’m bigger than her and I can always just squash her with my huge ass.

Is my ass huge?  It can be.  I gain weight in that area when I put on pounds.  That’s one of the good things about putting on weight.  I get an ass.

Again, this is just another test entry to see how the blog is working out.  I’m not happy with the way it looks yet, so I think I’ll be posting one or two more entries to see the full picture.