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Oh my goodness. Guess who the guest judge is on Top Chef Season 4 premiere. Heehee.

Is He Gay or Straight?

He’s vain.
He’s 42 and single.
He’s never been married.
He’s really close to his mama.
He lives in New York City with his dog Teesha and his cat Pumpkin.

He wears glittery tshirts to watch plays on Broadway.
He used to be called “gay boyfriend” by Jai Rodriguez (they’re “good friends”).
He’s been allegedly “spotted” canoodling with men. One of them is supposedly Jai Rodriguez.

~ or ~

Is celebrity chef, Rocco Dispirito, gay or is he dating Tracey Edmonds (they’re also “good friends”)?

Crushing Rocco

I have a big crush on Rocco Dispirito. I love that he’s a chef. I love that he loves his mama. I love that he’s so hot! I wanna marry him right now. Teehee.

rocco looking all hot.

On the cover of one of his books.
With Padma Lakshmi as guest judge on Top Chef.

With his Guru feeling all triatheletey. 😀

With Mama and her famous meatballs.
With mama on his old radio show. Teehee.