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Impulsive Couch Potating…

I went and purchased some dvds again. I didn’t really mean to. It’s usually not a good idea to be buying things you don’t really need when you’re unemployed. I couldn’t help it though. I’m sick I tell you! Sick! Sick! Sick! I don’t wanna see the price, so took it out. Teehee. Anyway, I have to go to HMV today to exchange the Advent Children dvd ’cause it has a slight pause in one of the scenes. A pause that’s not supposed to be there. Thanks Lenin for the heads up. I hate that I have to go back to the mall to exchange this damn dvd. It sucks. I just wanted to gym and iron today before this birthday dinner I have to attend tonight. Actually, HMV is on the way to the gym. I’m just too lazy to make that quick stop, but I have to. Boo!

The Price is Right (above my paycheck)

I went to HMV to pick up Christina Aguilera‘s new cd because we should support the artists we love by not supporting piracy. Anyway, while I was in the store, I decided to pick up High School Musical and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season One. High School Musical was suggested by my best friend, Tonito, ’cause it’s supposedly a “aznpoptart” kinda movie, while I’ve been meaning to pick up Buffy dvds ’cause I loved that show.

When you’re from the Philippines where everything is dirt cheap and money is easy to make, you just have to try your best not to think about how much you had to work to buy thing like dvds and clothes. Sometimes it’s not that easy. The cd and 2 dvds plus 13% tax came out to $84. Here in Canada, $84 is more than what I make in a whole day of work at Banana Republic. In the Philippines, $84 is less than what I get for drinking with friends at a bar for 4 hours. So, sometimes, you just can’t think about your purchases ’cause you’ll go mental over how much you had to work just to buy a cd an 2 dvds. It also makes me wonder how my friends here can afford to buy Louis Vuitton, Coach and Cavalli. I did ask a friend how he could afford a $1000 Versace jacket with the pay he gets working retail. I learned that he actually has “jobs” and that the jacket, which is almost a year old, is not fully paid for. That’s just totally wild. I totally believe that almost everyone here in North America is surviving on debt. I can understand a business loan, student loan or mortgage kind of debt. But grocery, furniture and clothing debts. That’s just too weird. But then again, the idea of people from the Philippines speaking perfect english and having drivers, cooks and maids is so subversive to most of them. To them people who migrate from the Philippines are nurses, caretakers or cashiers at your closest fast food joint. Filipinos who don’t fall into these categories are rich. I have to admit it’s all quite fascinating. Anyway, I just have to tell myself that I’ll be back in the Philippines soon. I’ll be home where 8 hours of work will get you all 7 seasons of Buffy and a servant that brings you food and drink while dvd marathoning. Happy thoughts!!

I Love Green Bags

I have to start saving some money soon. I haven’t really been successful with budgeting my measly salary. Clothes alone are costing me a small fortune. It’s just impossible to save with all these different seasons you have to dress for. I mean, so far, I’ve needed clothes for summer, summer transition, pre-fall, and fall. It’s not fall yet but I had to get the clothes for it already since stores started carrying them three weeks ago. My recent buys are actually for fall transtion, pre-winter, winter, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. No, I’ve not been shopping like a mad person. I’ve gotten really good deals on a lot of the clothes. Some were on sale, some I got with my employee discount and some I discounted thanks to my new “retail” connections. But spending on clothes I don’t really want doesn’t really make me happy. If I could just be in cropped pants and flipflops all the time, that’d be so perfect. Anyway, hopefully, I don’t have to get more clothes for awhile ’cause I need to get 2 new bags. Yes, I mean NEED.

First, I need a “proper” laptop bag. Something made for laptops and not black. I need it to be fun, funky and colourful. I’m looking into checking out Crumpler once I figure where that Vancouver address is. Why couldn’t I have been born with knowledge of all the street names in Vancouver? Why? Anyway, they look like fun computer bags, don’t they? Also, they’re inxpensive, so I totally beat them up. There won’t be any pressure about keeping it all pretty and scratch free. I just have to figure out which one will fit a 15.4″ screen laptop and find out where that store is?! I’m open to other bags as well, if anyone has any suggestions?

Crumpler Computer Bag

Second, I need a new messenger bag. Something a little larger than the bags I normally carry. I want it to be a little rugged looking ’cause I’m so not rugged like that but I like to pretend to be. As much as I’d like a Goyard Urbain, because I’m easily influenced and hearing it from Darra and Ate Cecile has had it’s affect on me, I cannot afford a Goyard. So, I need this bag. It the perfect fit my ipod, sunglasses, wallets, eau de toilette, planner, keys, hand sanitizer, digital camera, cellphones, cigarettes, lighter, lip balms, and umbrella for the beautiful half a year of gloom in Vancouver. I love it. It also looks very lowe maintenance. The problem is they don’t ship to Canada. Why?! Why don’t you ship to Canada? It’s not like I’m so far away! Damn you Eluxury! So, I will have to figure this one out as well. *Sigh* Why can’t it ever be easy? Charles is you’re reading this, I’m gonna need some help. If you’re not reading this, you’re mishugana. Help me… Death to me.

Marc Messenger Bag

The Next Episode…

I’ve been working for a little over a month now. I think I’m doing pretty well handling this “job” thing. I was late once because I forgot my transit pass and had to go back for it. I didn’t want to get caught by the transit authorities riding the SkyTrain without a pass. They fine $173 for riding without a pass. $173 will get you a lot of things. Although I think the work politics and the management of the store kinda sucks, I didn’t resign in a week like I might have had I been in Manila. Good job me!

One thing I have to work on is my skills on budgeting. I seem to have spent a little more than what I get at work. I should be a little more careful when making purchases. It’s a pretty easy thing to remedy though. In the past month I’ve spent $550 on clothes, $200 on Kiehl’s, $230 for tickets to Varekai and The Adventures of Mimi. I can probably cut down on the clothes shopping and I’m sure that I won’t need to buy more Kiehl’s for a few months. Varekai and The Adventures of Mimi are sort of a “must” for me. Goal for next month is to not spend more than I earn in a month over here.

The weather has been excellent. I wish I didn’t have to be at work. I can totally wear shorts and flipflops now. It’s totally awesome. Anyway, I’ll be heading out now. I need to buy batteries and one of those microphone headsets so I can voice chat with some friends from the P.I. who’ve been bugging me to get a mic. I hope it’s not too expensive. I don’t want to be overspending.