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David Cook – The Time of My Life

Congratulations to David Cook. This marks the end of the American Idol music posts for this year. It’s over. Sure, I’ll post updates every now and then but it’s time to obsess about So You Think You Can Dance Season 4!!!

David Cook – The Time of My Life (Studio Single)

Travis Wall: Poptart of My Heart…

I love dance. I love dancing almost as much as I love singing out loud in the free weights area of Fitness First. I know I’m not the most totally awesome dancer out there, I wouldn’t even dare call myself a dancer, but I love moving to music. The closest link I had to dancing these past few years was Body Jam. I taught it. I may not have been the best teacher or performer but everytime I was on the floor or stage, I had fun. Since I moved over here, I haven’t had any groove in me for months. I feel awkward. I feel like a sloth. I wanted to dance but I dinna know what to do or where to go. Fitness World doesn’t offer anything with a dance feel to it and with my erratic work schedule, I forgot about dancing.

A couple of months ago, I followed the reality series So You Think You Can Dance, which is basically the dance competition from the producers of America Idol. Woohoo! Big surprise!! Lol. There was a dancer there that rocked my socks off. His name is Travis Wall. No, I did not have a crush on him. I just think of him as an awesome dancer. He looked so good that he inspired me to get off of my ass and walk around downtown to find a good dance studio. I found one.

Tomorrow, I’ll be attending my first dance class in years (fitness pretending to be dance doesn’t count). I’ll be taking Intro Hip Hop at the Harbour Dance Centre. After that, I can gauge where I’m at as far as their classes go. I also want to take up Intro Street Jazz and Intro Ballet. I’ve never done ballet but I’ve heard that it’s the best foundation one can have. Now, I’m not planning on becoming a dancer. I just wanna feel the movement again.

Travis didn’t win the competiton but he’s the best in my book, and from the photos I nicked off the internet he’s kind of a poptart.

THANKS TRAVIS WALL…I’m bringing sexy back!!

How can I not love Travis Wall?