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Protected: Duffy – Rockferry

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Michael Johns – Michael Johns

I’ve been looking for this for awhile now. I wanted his solo album, not the ones he had with those 2 bands. I think he’s was the American Idol contestant with the most albums this season. Anyway, if you wanna give it a listen, here it is.

Michael Johns – Michael Johns

Kristy Lee Cook – Devoted

Just when Kristy Lee Cook wasn’t sucking so much anymore, she gets booted off. Well, Brooke is much more popular, so I guess it was expected that she’d stay even after a bad rendition of “Hero”. I would’ve kept Brooke in as well had I the power to do that. I like Brooke. She’s fun.

Anyway, people seemed to like the Brooke White album post, even if no one actually said they were taking it, it was downloaded quite a bit. lol. Seriously, a comment would be nice. At least, I know the effort is appreciated. If the post made you smile, say something. It makes me smile when you smile. Even if Victoria Beckham frowns upon smiling because it causes laugh lines, we can virtual smile like this 😀 or 🙂 or c”,) or ^^. Of course, if you’re a creepy stalker guy, I’d rather you not leave any comments because I’d be all “How’d creepy stalker guy get to my site? I am so creeped out.” That would be freaky.

Since Kristy Lee Cook is gone, I’m posting her 2005 “Devoted” album (I’m a country music fan, shhh) for all y’all who want more Kristy Lee.

and *smile*

Brooke White – Songs From The Attic

For Tj (or was it Shanana?), who loves Brooke White.
The 2006 studio album of American Idol Finalist, Brooke White.