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Mariah Carey – Bye Bye (Video)

The Biggest Online Dance Battle Ever on Youtube Ever!

I don’t know if you’ve been following “The Biggest Online Dance Battle Ever on Youtube Ever!” but I gotta say, it’s getting pretty hot. It started when ACDC (Adam/Chu Dance Crew), a crew put together by Step Up 2: The Streets director, Jon Chu, challenged Youtube video bloggers M&M, Mandy Jiroux and Miley Cyrus to “The Biggest Online Dance Battle Ever on Youtube Ever!”. It’s not too far along yet and if you wanted to catch up, you could. It has got to be the best and “The Biggest Online Dance Battle Ever on Youtube Ever!”

This is where it began.

This was the M&M Cru with a U’s answer to the first video.
Channing Tatum, star of the first Step Up movie makes a surprise appearance in the end.

Bringing it up to date is the latest video from the ACDC. I don’t know how Miley and Mandy are gonna top this video. It’s packed with appearances from celebs like Adam Sandler, Lindsay Lohan, Chris Brown, and Diana Ross!! Diana Ross, seriously!
Also making an appearance are Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew winners Jabbawokeez, Robert Hoffman of Step Up 2: The Streets, Adam Shankman, director and choreographer of Hairspray, Hairspray stars Elijah Kelley, Brittany Snow and Amanda Bynes as well as So You Think You Can Dance contestants (and real-life couple) Lacey Schwimmer and Hokuto Konishi.

It’s craaaaaaaaaaazy! You gotta love Youtube. GO MILEY!

Youtube channels:

About the Miley and Vanity Fair Thing

Parents and religous groups, recently, went loco over this picture of Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montanna, aka daughter of “Achy Breaky Heart” singer Billy Ray Cyrus, when it showed up in Vanity Fair. Apparently, it’s kinda sexy and a 15 year old Disney Channel star cannot be sexy because little children watch her and look up to her. First of all, I think Disney stars are the biggest sluts around anyway. I mean, think Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. Don’t they just scream “LOOSE MORALS”? Anyway, that’s not the blog entry I’m writing about. I’m writing about Miley and her beautiful photo. I’m serious, I love this photo of her ’cause usually, she’s just ugly. Now, don’t get me wrong, this girl is pretty fierce. I loved her Idol Gives Back performance. That was pretty hot, but boiling it down to her face, it’s just not pretty. I think this photo makes her look good and all I can see is her back anyway. I think the photo is very nicely done and if little children happen to come across it while reading their favourite magazine, Vanity Fair, I don’t think they’re going to find it sexy. Seriously, if parents and religous groups didn’t react to this photo, it probably won’t be the first thing that pops up when you google “Miley Cyrus.”

I read that Miley went into hiding because she was embarrassed by the photos. Also, it seems, her parents are claiming that the photo was taken when they left and Miley was tricked into taking the photos and that Miley was confused and uncomfortable with the situation. What did Vanity Fair do? They released some behind the scenes photos.

Miley being tricked into taking controversial photo. 😛
(tricked my arse?!)

The photographer, Annie Leibovitz, apologised for the photo because she didn’t expect it to come off as something sexual. I have questions!! Isn’t Photography an Art? And don’t people interpret art in their own way? So, if people find that picture of 15 year old Miley Cyrus sexual, doesn’t that make them pervy? Just a thought.

Anyway, I wish I had a picture taken by Annie Leibovitz. She’s quite famous for these 2 magazine covers.

I don’t remember this naked John Lennon wrapped around Yoko Ono for Rolling Stone because I was a bebe when this was taken. If I remember what my dad said, and if he’s right, this was shot the day he died or someting. My dad was a photographer/band member back in the day, he knows these things.

I remember this pregnant Demi Moore because I was in grade school and it caused some controversy back then too. If people just ignored it, I probably would have never known about it as a kid. Instead, the image has been vividly emblazoned in my mind (hi mimi fans).

Back to Miss Miley. She’s got some nerve claiming to be “embarrassed” by these photos. I remembered a few other Miley scandals that I didn’t really care to report about because she’s not exactly on my “diva radar” but this whole Vanity Fair scandal made me go dig for those other photos she had been in that spread all over the internet. They’re not as naked as our very own, proud to be Filipina, Disney’s High School Musical star, Vanessa Anne Hudgens but Miley is kinda ugly anyway, so who cares? Also, since they’re not naked, I can post them here and it’ll be very “PG13”. I have never posted the Vanessa photos ’cause of the “R” rating of it. I am so not “R”. Here are some of Miley’s fabulous photos from an online networking site.

Miley sucking face with her equally ugly boyfriend.

Miley showing us her pretty Hello Kitty sheets.

Here she is making me feel fat.
Giving a nice armpit glimpse to let us know she is pro hair removal.
Proving she has no tatoos.
Sweet photo with two girlfriends in a bathtub.

Being very conservative and not at all sexual.

There really are so much more photos of Miley. She’s just a really fun gal like that. Actually, while posting that last photo in the little polka dotty undergarment, I remembered another controversial photo of a minor that caused as much drama as this.

This was almost a decade ago. Maybe Miley will follow in Britney’s footsteps. They’re both from south, after all. Britney’s just prettier.

Tennessee Premieres

You know that I love Mariah Carey and I’ve been waiting for this film for a very long time. It’s finally premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last April 26th. I dunno about what to comment about Mariah’s past acting efforts other than they were comedic when not intended to be, but reviews said that they were pretty decent in this film. I’m not looking for a stellar performance, not after The Bachelor, Wise Girls and Glitter, but I am very excited to read the words “decent”, “acting” and “Mariah” in a review.

Here’s a clip from the movie.

…and another.

Trivia: According to Janet Jackson, this is the film she got fat for. When the location for shooting was changed Janet was unable to do the film. Luckily, Mariah was fat enough for the role without effort. ❤

Mariah Carey – Love Story (acoustic)

This is for Lola Poma and all you “Love Story” fans out there. You’ll love it.


An mp3 version for your listening pleasure.

Love Story (acoustic) – Mariah Carey

Oh My Freakin’ Gosh!

Gossip Girl returns with all new episodes on April 21. And to promote this return is an aggressive new campaign that is sure to get some reactions. I guess they’re playing on the notion that “good or bad publicity is still publicity” and I’m sure if any group reacts to these ads it’ll definitely bring up the GG ratings. I just don’t like that it suggests, in GG terminology, “Oh My eFfin God”. I can’t even say “Oh my God”. I use “OMG” when chatting or blogging but you have to keep in mind when reading me, that the “G” means “goodness”. Yes, that’s really gay. “Gay” is another “G” word which is often wrongly used, but that’s another story. It’s a good thing I’m gay and can pull “goodness” off. Thank God. Nuninu… When I was younger I was into the Little Orphan Annie musical and heard “oh my goodness” quite a bit and I’m pretty sure that was my influence for that phrase. But that’s just me.

Nonetheless, I love GG and am excited to see what happens. I’m excited to see Michelle Trachtenberg play Georgina Sparks and make Serena‘s life a living hell. If you ask me, I think Serena should keep getting these problems. Her boyfriend is way too perfect. There has to be something screwy in the other aspects of her life. Of course, this is me being jealous of their relationship. Who doesn’t want a Dan Humphrey boyfriend? I am, however, not excited about the rumours of a Vanessa Abrams and Nate love angle. Hopefully, it stays a rumour. Vanessa is annoying. I hate her. I don’t mind if they have the Georgina and Nate fling. Even if Nate is my boyfriend, it did occur in the books. So, I am willing to overlook that fling, if it does happen.

Here’s the OMFG tv promo.
Of course, I’ve seen this episode six times and that was actually,
“No one’s ever looked at me the way you just did.”
There are a couple more. Find them HERE.

Mariah’s Next Single?

Bye Bye – Mariah Carey

It’s a chopped up little sample of what could be her next single. The message of the song is quite obvious though.

Mariah Carey – Love Story (LEAK)


I walked into her room today and she called my name. Then she told me I was fat and that I should stop eating all the time. She was totally there. I love my gradma. I told her I’m scheduling my diet to begin this sunday.

Here’s Phoebe Buffay singing The Grandma Song.

New Mariah Video