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Fitness First Totally Sucks Rotten Eggs

Its 630pm. I just woke up from a nap. The thing is, I don’t nap. I was just so upset about what happened to me earlier that I just dozed off so I wouldn’t think about it. Now, I’m gonna write a little about it just to let off some steam.

The group exercise staff of Fitness First have a really big problem. Seriously. I’m so not happy with them. I woke up before lunch today so I could attend the Body Jam Tuitions at ABSCBN. “Tuitions” are what we call classes for us instructors. We’re supposed to attend at least 2 out of 4 tuitions before we can teach the new release of a class like Body Jam, Body Combat, Body Pump, etc. So, the Body Jam Tuitions were supposed to be at 2pm today.

Even if I got home at like 6am, I woke my ass up just ’cause I know that I have responsibilities. I have to attend or I won’t be able to teach. I got dressed, took the car that was colour coded over to ABSCBN ’cause that was the only car left at home, waited for more than half an hour to get into the parking lot, only to find out that it was cancelled. No one told me it was cancelled. Not everyone knew it was cancelled. Assholes. Fitness First wasted my time, and cut my sleeping hours.

I don’t even see the point in making a friggin’ schedule when you’re not going to stick to it. During our last Group Exercise meeting, they gave out a January calendar with all of the schedules. I don’t think any of it is going to be followed. To tell you honestly, we don’t even have copies of the video and cd of Body Jam Release 31. That goes the same for all the “New” releases of Body Combat, Body Pump, etc. Actually, its not even “New” anymore. Body Jam Release 32 should be out soon in other parts of the world.

I promise not to attend the next scheduled tuitions and if they say I can’t teach until next release. I’ll say, “Thanks for 3 months off.” God Fitness First sucks. Unfortunately for us, its probably the best gym to enroll in because of location and facilities. So, you can enroll and be a member. Just don’t work for them. And don’t leave valuables in the locker.

Another test…

Your EQ is


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150+: Two possibilities – you’ve either out “Dr. Phil-ed” Dr. Phil… or you’re a dirty liar.

I had to read about what a CLIQUE in elchay is…

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Warla Warcraft

Rocky, Charles, Lola Poma, and I weren’t able to play at our usual DotA hangout because one of the owners of the place and dear Rocky have a real life text war going on.

Friday night was scheduled to be DotA night and we were without a venue. Anyway, we didn’t really think about the situation until after we left Fitness First, which was at around 10pm. After the gym, we headed off to Brothers’ Burger along T. Morato. I had the Pounder again. Yey!

Sitting there for an hour or so, we decided to check out Station 168, walking distance from Brothers’ Burger. They had DotA but it was 60 pesos an hour. That’s double what we normally pay. But the place was clean and new, and we were to lazy to move elsewhere, so we decided to stay and play.

For the first time ever, we played with strangers and got our asses kicked. Well, this is technically our 4th evening of network gaming. There was 4 of us and 2 of them and they massacred us. We suck all hard.

After our defeats, we headed home (Rocky still at text Warcraft). When I walked into the kitchen, I had a little war with a million ants. Someone had left a plate of chicken bones out and ants were scattered everywhere. Usually, I don’t mind ants when they’re in a neat little line, but this was just overwhelming. I took out the can of raid from under the sink and won that war. Thank goodness. Now, there’s about a million dead ants scattered all over the counters so I’m going to have to clean it up now. Once again, I suck.

Tagaytay and Baklissimech Confuseness so Salty

So, Aileen sent me an SMS to tell me that Tagaytay was to be postponed. So, naturally, I set a meeting in Bellissima to talk about the events calendar for the year. When everything was set, Aileen calls me up to tell me that Tagaytay will push through. Ugh! I had to cancel the meeting I set-up like 2 minutes before. I must’ve sounded like an idiot.

Anyway, we have to meet with Bellissima because they want to give us another day. Like, other than saturday, we get wednesdays or something like that. And they’re asking if we can be “gay” on wednesday. I really have to think about all this. I’ll, of course, ask all of you about it soon. Will want your opinion on this.

DJ Patch is spinning for us on saturdays again so that should be awesome. I was excited to go to Baklissima pa naman to hear him. DJ Patch Rocks.

So, I’ve been preoccupied with American Idol, Fitness First and Warcraft DotA. I haven’t really had time to make an actual update. Well, that’s wrong. I’ve been too lazy to make updates. Like, I can’t even write about the things that I’ve been doing ’cause its such a friggin’ snoozefest. Anyway, I think I still should try ’cause, you know, like, this is a journal and its still my life, however boring it may be.

Okay, American Idol 4. It still rocks. I watch the 4pm showing on Starworld because I just love American Idol. So far, I’ve been picking my favourites from the 2 cities they’ve been to. I only have 2. From Washington, I like that 21 year old, black, single mother, who also seems to be a fag hag ’cause when she got the golden ticket, all these “men” started screaming (like high pithced) and arms were flailing everywhere.. From St. Louis, I like that girl from the country. The one living the simple life. Never been on a plane and like her first time in the big city or something.

Fitness First… Not much to say here. Just trying to lose them holiday pounds. Doing weights and Body Jam with
Rocky and Lola Poma.

Warcraft DotA… Still kinda fun. Not really too much going on there. Although, we haven’t gone back since that scary bootch incident. Like all these guys were yelling all bootch like. Scaryness. Like testosterone was awful. Eww eww eww.

I should be breaking out of this rut soon. Have Body Jam tuitions tonight. Will be in Tagaytay this Saturday for dinner. Have Tita Chels’ birthday party on Wednesday. Another birthday on Wednesday. Uhm… Yeah!

I’m 20! So, that’s like 1984???

You Are 20 Years Old


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40+: You are a mature adult. You’ve been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.


American Idol 4 starts in like 15 minutes. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

OMG! January is quite on the dot….

Pisces 2005 Horoscope

As the New Year arrives, Pisces, you’ll be quite intent on making a name for yourself within a group situation. You’ll do a fine job of it, and you’ll be remembered for some time to come for your efforts. During January, you’ll be focused on joint financial situations and intimate relationships, all of which will work out quite well as long as you’re not afraid to ask for — and take — the advice of an elder. The new Moon in your own sign on March 10th will call your attention to your physical self — and while you in particular should never ignore your emotions, you might want to pay attention to the outer you, just for a while.

During spring, and most especially in April, monetary changes could be en route. Does that mean you’ll be pinching pennies? Not at all. In fact, if you’re smart about it, you may have more money to spend frivolously than you’ve had in some time. After the 15th of April, thanks to Venus in steadfast Taurus and your house of communications, you’ll be especially persuasive, too. Don’t even think about giving up on any argument. You’re ready to make constructive changes, and to make them quickly. You go!

Once summer arrives, you can rest assured that you’ll be entertained — and quite amused! At least one new suitor will come your way after the 21st of July — someone who’s as home- and family-oriented as yourself. You’ll also be willing to apply yourself completely to getting the job done at work, but with family issues so pleasant, who’d blame you if you were late — or even absent — for a few days?

As the year draws to a close, one-on-one relationships will still keep you busy, but with the solar eclipse of October 3rd, and the lunar eclipse of the 17th, you’ll shift to money matters — joint financial issues in particular. If you’re not happy with the way your half of the money is being handled, take back control of the checkbook and don’t apologize for it. Be careful with finances during the holidays, but do enjoy yourself.

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