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Say “Hello” to muh friends…

So, I have 2 friends who just joined the the LJ community. Darra, you’ve hung out with them at Starbucks 6750. Joma, you’ve known them since Metaphysical Adobo, or even before that? Tj, one of them is married to Jeus. Wil, one is our party leader. Lol.



What do you think?

I love the Olsen twins and I love tarsiers. I think there’s some kinda resemblance there.

*photos taken from xmygoodiesx‘s elchay.

What’s wrong with you?!

I had dinner with my best friend, Tonito (aka Phoebe), and Werner (aka Ate Piper) last thursday night. It’s really a weird feeling knowing that your best friends won’t be available whenever you badly need them to have dinner with you. I don’t see my best friends so often, but I feel totally safe knowing that they’re there. I just won’t have that safe feeling in another country.

Anyway, after that dinner, I went to Tierra Pura to hang out with Darra and some old friends ’cause it was like Stephan’s last night to hang out or something. It was fun but kinda strange ’cause there’s this friend of ours that I kinda find annoying now. Don’t get me wrong, she’s really a sweet girl. She was offering me valiums to drink with my beer just last week. I mean, that was a sweet gesture in this twisted world we’re in. I didn’t take it ’cause i wasn’t in the mood to be tripin’ out. If it were today, I might’ve just tried some.

So, going back to the “annoying”. A bunch of us were at the long table and we were all telling stories of what’s happened to us, or around us, in the past year. I was fine. Everything was just dandy until she opened her mouth. She didn’t cuss or say anything nasty. It’s just that, I think, her brain is totally f*cked up from all the drugs that she’s been taking the last few years that when we’re talking about something she tries to connect it to a story she wants to tell, but it so does not segue well that I just get totally irritated because it’s just so off. She was ticking me off. She butts into the conversation and what she has to say is so way off. Wouldn’t you get annoyed?

I mean, Darra told mrs_five‘s really disgusting 92 year old lady humping the hand story. After, this annoying girl says something like she thinks the old lady was possesed because that’s what happened in Anne Rice’s novel Lasher about the Mayfair family of witches that were being burned. What?! WTF?! Everyone was like; can you even get horny at that age, or that’s just so yucky, and here’s this chick talking about witches burning.

There were two other instances I can recall that made me feel a little dumber ’cause she doesn’t make any sense, and you’re trying to make sense out of what she said but you can’t, but I’m not gonna share that with you ’cause I don’t want to relive all of that.

The moral of the story is drugs give you brain damage. Brain damage can make you annoying to other people.

Friendster is not my Friend

So, I just checked all my friend network kinda things and I think it’s kinda sad ’cause no one adds me. I haven’t checked on that shiat since even before I took my leave from elchaying. I had like 1 friend request Friendster which doesn’t even really count ’cause it’s from a known friend. I totally suck. My picture must be like way ugly. Probably scaring off people or something.

Anyway, I’m still catching up on my internet stuff. I’m sorting through all my email accounts now. There’s tons of trash, but you have like some personal emails in between the trash so it kinda sucks to go through it all looking for that one email from an old friend.

My mom and dad just left for Hong Kong with all my mom’s Pampanga high school friends. Now, I got a lot of things to take care of while they’re gone. Just the kick in the butt that I need to get me moving. Lol.

We can have drama all day long…

◦ My best friend, Kookie, had a baby boy. His name is Jose Miguel “Miggy” Marquez. I think giving him Miggy as a nickname was a great idea ‘cause otherwise he’d probably end up being “Joey” Marquez and that wouldn’t be too great.

Darra arrived from Germany and we’ve actually shared ups and downs the last few weeks. She has her own. Lol. We had a dinner with friends we love before Christmas and that was really wonderful.

Charles leaves for San Francisco. That was a downer for a lot people.

Mariah Carey bags her 17th #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with Don’t Forget About Us. One more number one will tie her with The Beatles for the most #1s ever. That’s happy-making for me.

◦ Christmas shopping with Wil and Prinz was fun until they got pooped. C’mon people! Get a cardio! Lol.

◦ Hanging with Lola Poma in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf after not seeing him for a long time was great. Our parents see each other more than we do.

◦ Hanging in Rockwell with some friends over the holidays was a good pick me upper.

Anya, Darra’s sister, arrives from Chicago. Fun fun. We have a mini Tierra Pura tambay group reunion.

◦ My first War of Emperium in Ragnarok becomes a harrowing experience. The second time around was a lot better.

◦ My best friend, Cookie, got into a car accident where she almost died. She was in critical condition while I was at the despedida of Darra’s sister, Anya. Didn’t sleep.

◦ Angelina Jolie announces her pregnancy, and that her kids’ last names will now be Jolie-Pitt. That’s a downer, especially when I think of Jennifer Aniston.

◦ Visiting Cookie in Alabang with Kookie. Great getting to see the baby for the first time. Also good that Cookie is conscious and she didn’t die. That was happy.

◦ Sorta getting back into the gym is really really good.

◦ Being sick for a week and a half totally sucks. I guess all the dramaticking is wearing me out physically as well.

◦ Did my very first dating set-up. So far, it looks like they’re really hitting it off. That makes me happy.

I am so dramaticking…

I’ve been kinda going through some little personal drama these last few weeks. You see, one of my little quirks is that when I’m kinda down, I keep it to myself and try to figure things out on my own before letting other people know about it. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing though ‘cause I always see those shows on the Disney Channel or on Nickelodeon telling us to share our problems with our friends because that’s what they’re there for and you can deal with the problems together. Blah, blah, blah. Anyway, this isn’t really a problem.

So, the last few weeks have been a total emotional roller coaster for me. I mean, it’s been a happy few holiday weeks, so there were very many happy moments, but I was down a lot of the time. The happy, of course, involves spending all that time with my family, with Darra and her family, and with so many friends that I care for. Oddly enough, that was also part of the reason I was getting all dramaticking. I’ll be leaving for Canada in a few months and the realisation that my migration was fast approaching got me all messed up. I was excited, tense, sad, anxious, etc. I stayed home Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve for the first time in years ‘cause I just wanted to be home. I want to soak up as much of home as I can. Also, I had to come to terms with the whole moving thing. I’m scared. I am so scared. I am so scared that it makes me cry thinking about it. But I’m not backing down. I keep reminding myself that this will be good for me. This is something I have to do if I am to be an adult. I think this is gonna be one of those life altering decisions we’re supposed to make as young adults. Oh God, I am so messed up right now. I pray to God that I’m doing the right thing. There are just so many thoughts going through my head and I have all these emotions that are jumbled up inside. I feel like I’m going burst.

I’m leaving in March. I have paperwork to do that I haven’t done ‘cause I’m in my escapist mode. I’ve been playing Ragnarok Online ‘cause it’s like I’m in this whole other world where I don’t have problems, and all I have to do is beat on monsters and other players. I have to get out of this schlump and start moving.

I’m leaving in March. I’ve called the travel agency and I’ve asked them to make a good schedule for me to drop by San Francisco, New York and Toronto before finally heading to Vancouver. I have to fix my passports. I haven’t done that yet. Sigh.

Hello? Is This Still Operational?


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