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Circuit Asia – The Opening Party

We figured it’d be better to grab a few drinks at Bellissima before heading to the Circuit party. It was still too early, and more importantly, the drinks in Bellissima are way better and cheaper than what the bar in the Circuit party could offer. So, after a couple of cocktails, Lola Poma, Rocky, Charles and I arrived at the NBC Tent at midnight. Though I’m not usually the clubbing type, my first instinct was to start groovin’ on the dance floor. I figured, it must’ve been the early introduction of alcohol into my bloodstream, or it could’ve been DJ Travis Monsod spinning Despina Vandi as we entered the tent.

I was in a trance, oblivious to everything around me for a few moments. I had just the right mixture of alcohol and music in me. Isn’t it funny how you can lose yourself in a good song?

Song over. Reality check. I remembered that I wasn’t there to just party but to observe. I’m supposed to be covering this circuit event for a preganant friend with a struggling little publication. I looked around and thought “Uh oh! There isn’t much people, is there? This can’t be good.”. If I was to write a story about this, I wouldn’t be able to tell the truth. The truth is, the music was awesome. DJ Travis and DJ Kimberly S. rocked all hard. The production was pretty good considering you have gay men choreographing dances for cute kargadors with kargador bodies. Unfortunately, like the “Welcoming Party” the night before, there weren’t much foreign delegates. It was the same old Manila crowd. The same faggots you’d find in Bed or in Government every weekend. It was disappointing and thank God I had enough alcohol to bare it.

So, here I am, hoping tonight’s “Main Event” will have a better turn out. I doubt it, but I’m hoping I’m wrong. Otherwise, I’d have to lie and write about an awesome party that didn’t happen. That sucks.

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from legally_bald

American Cities That Best Fit You:

65% Austin
65% San Diego
60% Denver
60% Honolulu
60% Las Vegas

shujin88 showed this to me last night

I started cackling like I do sometimes, then I became a little scared of the whole connection to the dark side of the force / armageddon thing. I’m such a ‘tard. So sue me.

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American Idolnessity

I’m not really surprised that Anwar left. He was getting really boooooooooooring. I’m guessing, in the next couple of weeks, Scott and Anthony will be gone too.

Carrie, Bo, Constantine and Vonzell are definitely the Top 4. I still don’t like the way Constantine looks though. He’s so scary and dutty.

The Emancipation of Mimi is a Success!

#1 Album in the US
#1 Album in Japan
#1 video on MTV TRL
#1 song on AOL Music
Highest debut album in Europe
Highest first week debut ever for Mariah

Thank you everyone that supported my retardedness. Hahaha.


Koooyah Al to elchay.

I’m so happy that you finally migrated and now, I can comment so much easier on your entries. *hugs*


So, starting this wednesday, we’re resuming the whole Wednesday thing. For now, I’ll be calling it “humpday” ’cause I can’t think of another name and I kinda liked it when Grass suggested it.

This Wednesday, it’ll be 50% off on all local beers and selected cocktails. DJ PATCH will be spinning. And hopefully you guys could drop by and support it. I just thought I’d give the Wednesday thing one more try. I mean, Bellissima is a pretty place.

Also, on Saturday May 7th 2005, there will be a Birthday Bash in Bellissima for May celebrants, or late April, whatever. So if you know anyone who wants to be part of the birthday bash, please contact me. Bellissima will provide an open bar from like 10pm – 1am (something like that) and the celebrant is allowed to bring 2 bottles of whatever alcohol without corkage fee.

Hope to see you all there. Thanks.